My Other Addiction: Photography!

Why Photography?

It is a good idea, for anyone, who is starting to take something a little more serious than they usually do is to take baby steps. There is no reason to go fully overboard because one may find out it isn’t for them.

I did this very method of finding my passion through writing and now I have done so in the field of photography. I used to take photos with my crappy point and shoot camera. I would take the camera anywhere, I would take a photo a day, I took it even to work to see what interesting things I would capture. I had a great time doing so, but as months passed by I stopped using my camera, I just didn’t care anymore. I made the decision over the past Christmas break to get a present for myself. So I ended up getting a Nikon D60.

Great camera, bulking, but not unreasonable, and I could learn for days on how to use it properly. Everyone learns differently and the way I learn is by playing with things without using a manual. I finally hit a brick wall, so I read some of the manual, watched a couple of the videos, and read some information online. I even bought a bigger lense for my California trip so I could take better images far away. I was in the game and knew this was my second passion of active interest.

I have now committed to being a photographer. I have bought Apple Aperture, a 16 gig memory card, and a photography book that will teach me everything I need to know about photography. I can go to classes and get the experience there, but I want to do this on my own. This is the way I feel I will learn more efficiently and appreciate the art of photography.

I will continue to do my photo journalism as a hobby and challenge myself with taking photos that provoke emotion and what I feel that gives the viewer of my work an understanding of who I am. I don’t know where this love of photography came from, but I do like how things ‘just happen’.

I wonder with my writing, and now with photography, where this will take me. I have heard from many people that are close to me and others who don’t know me much at all that I need to look into photo journalism. So, my next step is to take that part seriously and do it on my own, but first as a hobby.

Writing Update:

My writing is progressing nicely! After nearly 5 months of writing in my novel at a sporadic pace, I have written 58 pages. I’m thrilled with the accomplishment and looking forward to completing my goal of reaching 100 pages by the end of the month. I am a little stuck though, I don’t know how to introduce the beginning of the novel with the end of it. I have skipped around and wrote the middle: the part I do know about. However, I still have ambiguity with the beginning and how to make the story provide emotion to the reader. I’ll figure it out, I have to!

Other than that I am on the right track of finishing my novel by the end of the year.

I have also developed a way to write descriptively, so I will improve on that skill and see where I can get better.

I’m going to take some advice from a friend, who is also in the 2nd or 3rd edit of her book: write more and often. I will do so and get something on paper and not worry about what it looks like, I will edit and edit my work in the rewrites.

Also, and lastly, I have come up with the grand idea of writing a memoir, specifically about the process and year of me becoming a writing. I am not going to start writing this until I am more than half way finish with my novel. I am having a hard time imagining writing 2 books at the same time, and how it will affect my creativity or drive to get both goals done. I’ll see, I think this memoir will give people a different side of my mind and the unique way I process information and get things done.

I’m at 170 days of non-stop writing, and counting…

2 responses to “My Other Addiction: Photography!”

  1. Thank you! It is wonderful to read about someone else following their passions – at their own pace and with their own style! I am capturing images every day – trying to expand my knowledge of the technical aspect of the camera while at the same time being creative. I find the most pleasure in photography when I throw out the rules and challenge my imagination.

    Kristina Iverson
    After Coffee Design

  2. Kristina,

    It is always a good feeling when the rules are dropped, and your natural way of doing things takes over.

    How did you get interested in photography? What are some of the things you would tell a person that is taking the skill more seriously?

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