My Top 5 Podcast I Listen To

There are many podcast I listen to on a daily basis. Some are long, short or whatever, I just love listening to them. I listen to 14 total podcast throughout the week. Some are monthly, weekly and daily. I usually like to keep my list to only 10, but lately I’ve been on this photography kick and added 3 of those. I’ll call this my top 5 list of podcast I listen to and the reasons why I love them. I’ll do it in the reverse order, the last one is my favorite.

This American Life – This is a weekly podcast that tells interesting stories about regular/normal human beings and at times gets you to think about your perspective on your beliefs. Ira Glass is the host of the show. I like the way he tells stories and gets the listener engaged. It is an hour long and just the right amount of time for a weekly podcast.

The Story– I’m very particular about people I want talking to me for an hour per day (actually 50 minutes, in this case). I can’t stand a person who has a list of questions and has to get them done (Terry Gross). Dick Gordon is one of the best conversationalist I’ve heard. The way he talks to me gives a vivid image of him on that person’s front porch and just chatting them up about whatever. I’m sure he has a couple of questions, but he relies on people’s responses to determine what he is going to ask next. My only gripe with Dick is that he is all about keeping up with the current events. So, if March Madness is coming up, he’ll have one or a couple of stories about somebody playing in the basketball turnorment or knew somebody who did. If something happens politically, than he would have something political. I know why he does it, I’m just not a fan of it at all.

The Tavis Smiley Show– This guy reminds me of Dick Gordon, but does it on a different level. He talks to people from anywhere from 5-20 minutes. The thing about Tavis Smiley is that he is researched up. He knows most of everything about the person before he even sits in front of them to ask them questions. However, he feeds off their words and answers to ask the next couple of questions. Tavis mainly talks to famous people. If you want to see a person who gets his guest to say that they truly admire him as a person, you will here this often. Tavis is daily.

The Mack Lessons Radio Show– Tariq Nasheed is a funny dude. He is insightful. He is informative. He has an straight-forward way of getting his point across. And he doesn’t kiss anybody’s ass to get his point across. He usually comes on weekly. He is a dating expert who has written 5 books. Myself, brother and a friend actually went to go see him when he was here in Houston for a lecture. If you want a good laugh and an interesting twist on dating and life advice, this is the person to listen to.

Thundering Herd– Colin Cowherd is my favorite podcaster. He is a radio guy on ESPN. He mainly talks about football, baseball and basketball. The thing that I love about his podcast is that he sprinkles topics about life in his shows. He loves Malcolm Gladwell and other people who make you think and do more for your life. It is funny listening to him when people call in and have difference of opinions from him. He rips them all. He has a great point of view about what he is talking about and has all of the information at his finger tips to prove his point. I can see how people can be turned off by him, but the guy is a person you can tell the way he is feeling and going to operate for the show by the first 30 seconds or so of the show. This is the only radio show I listen to on ESPN. That is huge for me. At one time I had 5 ESPN podcast I was listening to. Give this guy a listen for 2 days and you will see what I’m talking about.

That is my list. I hope you all get a chance and check them out. This is what helps my day go by smoothly, gives me something to listen to and think while I’m in the car or even at times while I’m walking home and other places to… It is a great feeling knowing that I can listen to these podcast and get joy from them. They also give me a sense of keeping up with current events because I don’t watch the news.

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