new coworker & first week of work

Just finish work for the week. Feels great being done before noon. It was something interesting at work today that got me thinking. There is a new guy there and he just finished his first week of working in the “real world”. One of our coworker’s asked him what did he think about his first week? He told her that it was fun and then she said you are such a liar. That makes me think of two persective.

#1: Coworker- She obvious knows that he didn’t do much and at times during the week was bored as hell. But she probaly still feels that way right now in her present state. At times it may that she likes coming to work, but still feels a resentment towards it. I don’t really know but oh well.

#2: The New Guy- Well who knows what he thinks but it seems that he likes it so far. Hell, it has only been a week. Nothing can really go bad in a week and still don’t know what to look for of what is good and bad about a particular company, but he will figure it out. However, he did ask me a question about people coming and leaving and I think that I lied to him already. I told him not really and that people are here usually for a long time and then they want to go somewhere else. In reality that is true, but still if he would talk to people on a keepin it real attitude there will be mixed feelings and that will only take time.

I think back of my first week of work. It was pretty fun to tell you the truth. Being on my own and making my own money. I felt that I was somebody and felt that I was making a difference in the world. Everyone was pretty cool and friendly. But I was tired and really needed rest because I wasn’t used to working those hours. Hell I still am not used to it, but that topic is for another day…

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