New Year’s Resolution a Month Before the New Year…


This is my second time doing this task and has helped me start the past 2 years off great. I don’t like the sound of New Year’s resolution nor the fact of doing something great and then quickly stop doing that big life changing goal and returning back to our old selves. I believe that we need to examine and modify our lives whenever we want. It doesn’t matter the reason why, but as long as we are changing something that we are not happy about is the key to a productive existence. We shouldn’t let society train us every start of the year to spending money on gym membership, eating right, traveling more, or on materialistic things. I usually evaluate my situation in life every 3 to 4 months and make changes accordingly. 

If you say you don’t like them, then why are you doing one?

I have come to realize that every year is going to be “My Year”. I believe 2008 has helped me so much to really get me prepared for what is going to be an exciting 2009. I give myself a one month cushion to set goals and modify my vision/mission, and then change whatever I need to when the new year arrives. 

This process is different then setting a New Year’s resolution because I am not only changing one thing that I’m not happy with in my life and not completing that resolution, but changing aspects of my life by evaluating the direction that I am going. It could be the case that I set a particular goal and realize that it isn’t what I was expecting and stop doing that activity. On the contrast, I set a goal and complete it and this may lead me to changing my whole vision and mission. I believe this method helps me to continue to brutally honest with myself about the direction I want my life to go in.

So here  is my list of goals and revised mission plan:


2009 Goals

1. Become a seasoned writer.

2. Learn new things.

3. Read/Listen to 30 books.

4. Travel to at least 3 places I haven’t been before.

5. Do different activities with girlfriend to expand mind and to push comfort level.

6. Spend some time with friends and family some way some how.

7. Get into more multimedia.

8. Make some money doing some type of side gig. 

9. Stay in shape and have a fantastic body.

10. Interview at least 10 people and meet Colin Cowherd.




Everyday get closer to the life I want to live by doing things that I like to do while going to work, trying new things, and cutting out the junk that gets in my way. 


Everyday live the life that I want to live. It takes small steps to accomplish our life’s passion and purpose. Small steps to make my relationships stronger, to meet new people, laugh alittle, cry, and learn something about this world that we live in by cutting out the junk that gets in the way.

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