On Business: My Brother is Kicking My Ass at Ecommerce


It has been well over 2 months since I have started my business experiment. Each day that passes by I get a clearer view of the next step with it. The post isn’t about me and the struggles I’m having to sell vintage wear (4), but about my bro, so here it is.

I didn’t think I would be saying this, but my youngest brother is kicking my ass at the ecommerce business of etsy.com. I don’t know how to explain it, but it is actually bitter-sweet at the same time. When I started, he was at 40 or so sells. I told him that I would catch him in no time—now he is well over 100 and making over a sell a day.

I didn’t know if he truly had it in him, I have been the one talking about business and expressing what I’ve done in the past, but just sitting back and watching him operate is quite amazing.

What He Does

My brother, Ese, promotes his site through the actual site, facebook, flickr and twitter. He even has a website that redirects everything back to his etsy website. He response to email almost instantly, ships his orders through the help of paypal and the post office, and emails the confirmation to his buyers as soon as the sell is complete. He didn’t read any business books or blogs, he doesn’t have a degree in the subject, and was forced to do it because my dad got tired of watching him play WOW (World of Warcraft).

He Doesn’t Even Know That He His Hustling…

Like I said earlier, he didn’t know how to get started, but through trial and error, he is making it workout. I don’t know what his typical schedule is daily, but he usually puts up 2 shoes, checks online to see if he sold anything the day before, mails off his order at the post office, and uses the rest of the day to attend to music classes at the local community college and play WOW.

The boy is hustling his way to success and doesn’t even think much about it. He comes up with better ways to do things by looking at other people or just trying something new. He continues to give me pointers and use the same lessons I see online that I’ve read before.

When you are hustling, you don’t know how the situations are usually done or how they will turn out. To me that is the funniest part, because I will be using all of my creativity to make something out of nothing. This usually works best when I’m passionate about the subject at hand. I haven’t asked my brother but I wonder if he is passionate about selling shoes online. He is probably passionate about making money and doing what he wants with it. He is probably happy that my father is slowly getting off his back to produce and be productive. But, nonetheless, he looks more happy than the past and still following his own dreams to do something with music, even though people tell him that there isn’t anything in the field.

He Will Make A Lot of Money in The Next Couple of Months

Now is the time the weather is changing, people just spend for the fuck of it, and usually when people are buying stuff, which includes footwear. I know the economy sucks, but it seems like that doesn’t even matter in his case. The winter time is where more and more women spend their money to individualize themselves and the best way to do so is a vintage garment or shoe that doesn’t look like everything else that is out there. He has all of the shoes and boots a woman would like to buy from (I still think my dad gives him the better products) and with a selection well over 300, he will be a busy man.

So this is a shout-out to my brother, who, didn’t know what he was getting himself into, and now beating the shit out of his older brother, who, talks a good game about running a business!

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