One More Day and Counting Til the East Coast Road Trip

One more day until I start my east coast road trip. My emotions change left and right, and now they are near the scared-as-shit side of the meter. I know it will change throughout the day and also the day of. I still need to get a hotel room in Detroit and New York. I need to call the car rental places to make sure they can hold the car for me, since I will be arriving so late at night. I have to ask a co-worker about what I can do in New York for a day. I also have to finish packing, reading a book, and whatever else I’m stressing about.

Science Experiment

Throughout the trip, I will treat it as a science experiment. I will do a before and after post. Something on the scale of what I plan to do, what I think I will learn, and whatever else I’m thinking or feeling at the time. The next post will consist of what I actually did, what I actually felt, and what I learned about the whole experience. I will, of course, have pictures of all that I do. I will also video record what I see and the overall makeup of the road trip experience.


There are a couple of worries I have to keep in mind, when it comes with this vacation/exploration. I have to be aware and real with myself about the amount of sleep I’ll be getting. I’m not going to spend much time in the places I visit and I want to get as much out of the trip as possible. However, I do need to sleep. Sleep is something I can’t skimp on, but, more than likely, I will average in the 5-6 hours bracket.

Getting 5-6 hours of sleep the first night will be fine. I will be full adrenaline and excitement; it wouldn’t even matter how well rested I am. But, the hardest part of the trip will be Saturday, where I travel all the way to New York, for 7-8 hours, 600 plus miles. I like the time that I’m leaving (3 or 4 in the morning), but still need to allow myself some time to get enough sleep (6 hours). I’m starting to think that I shouldn’t worry about the sleep. The reason is because I will be taking naps along the way at rest stops. These naps should give me a energy to continue my journey.

The First Night is Very Very Important, Very:

I will figure this out later today, but more than likely I can’t do much about what actually happens. I’m already leaving work early the next day, that will allow me to get to the airport on time. But, I will have to depend on the airlines to get me to my destination before the car rental places closes for the night and also able to travel through a city I have no clue about, to arrive at my hotel for the night.

I will have carry-ons, but this still doesn’t warrant me to get to where I need to quick enough. Once I find out which hotel I’m staying in, I will do a google map search and log in the address on my friend’s GPS system. If all works well, this will help me start friday off right.

I’ve had issues with this potential airline in the past. This flight is at a decent time, but still can cause some shit for me if they goof up and delay the flight (damn airtran).

This is what I have so far. I’ll feel ya in on what else I’m doing in order to plan for this solo east-coast trip, almost less than a day away.

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