One Television Show I Look Forward to Watching, You Will Be Surprised…

I have a confession to make. Not too many people know this. Throughout the week I barely watch television. Throughout the years in fact I have toned down the amount of television I watch and usually use my time with reading books, writing, working on my business, walking outside with my fiancee, doing crafts and whatever that doesn’t consist of t.v. However, during the weekend or when we have t.v. night we usually watch a couple of shows that I look forward to watching.

Some of the shows are Food Jammers, Law and Order, Gray’s Anatomy, a couple of movies and shows on the food channel. It is easier for me to listen to a podcast and do something in the background than to watch television, but I love to tune back into the world and become lost when it comes time to just unwinding for the week.

This right here isn’t the shocking part. I haven’t mentioned the television show that I just look forward to the most when it comes to the end of the week. This show is an hour and a half long and would watch it if it was double that time.

I started watching this show, like most of the shows I watch now, by being with my fiancee. She would watch all different types of shows and sense I didn’t watch much of anything I would most of the time leave the room and go do something else because I didn’t think I would gain anything from the show and it was specifically made for women. Women love the shit. But there were times they were doing some interesting challenges. I started to think about it from my point of view as an artist and how I can possibly use some of the techniques in my line of passion of photography and writing. The interest in this show grew and I became more excited for it to come on than my fiancee. I asked her more questions about the topics at hand and started to understand that there was art in something that I didn’t formally see it in.

The show I’m talking about is Project Runway. Only a couple of people knew that I watched it. I don’t give a fuck. Think of me however you want, but the show is damn good. The thing that I have learned from it is more on a scale of how we close off things because of the nature of it not being for us or something we aren’t suppose to watch because of who we are. I do that to so many things and have realized that I just don’t know what I would like if I didn’t give it a listen, a watch or a try.

I’m not saying you should go out and watch Project Runway (I can’t wait to watch it later today or tomorrow), but I am going to suggest you do something that you thought that was out of your league or role as a male or female. It might give you inspiration that you never thought possible or it could just be something you don’t care about. But just give it a try.

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