My Passion: Reading and Writing!

Whenever it came to finding my passions I always thought that I needed the most extreme and exciting hobby in order for my life to be considered amazing. As I told people of what I wanted to do in my life I expressed an interest in something that I thought that they might find to be out of this world or that I was over an achiever. I wonder now as I sit in front of my laptop screen why I went to such troubles to please other people.

Did I give those things an honest try before telling the world about this and that life interest? Yes and no! When a person starts to live a life through other people’s expectations then they are not living much of a life for themselves. Once a person figures out that they are the ones who truly determine their happiness then the stars will align in their favor and the doors will start to open up to help them find their true life passion, their true dedication to the world, and something that they can lose total consciousness and operate in their own world of possibility. Once a person realizes that he/she will stop pushing away their night and day dreams they will try to spend as much as possible doing what they love.

When I was a little kid I always heard the term reading and writing. I thought it was what the teachers wanted us to do because they couldn’t think of anything “kid friendly”. Hell as a kid all I wanted to do was play outside and play video games, everything else came secondary. Why would I want to waste time reading a book or working on my cursive handwriting in a repetitive fashion? I also self taught myself proof reading at a very young age and on purpose skipped paragraphs altogether. I was just being a kid that wanted to play and dream about when I was going to be a grown up.

After spending a couple of years figuring out what I like and don’t like I have come to the conclusion of loving to read and write. A kid who hated the chore is now an adult who finds it intriguing and more times than not intoxicating.

Why Reading?

What I like about reading is a chance to get lost in someone else’s story, the chance to see how someone gives their point of view about a topic, and the chance to forget about all of the troubles in the world and to perhaps use a lesson in a book to live my life by. The way I plan to use the art of reading is to read whatever I can get my hand on. Whether it be from blogs, magazines, novels short and long, online articles, and newspapers I will read it, learn from it, and see how I can possibly use it in my writing.

Oke on Writing…

It has been a couple of months since I came to the conclusion that writing puts my thoughts in order and to understand myself better. Whenever I do talk out my thoughts I don’t get an in-debt understanding of what I am thinking, but is not so when I am sitting down to write. I believe it is more soothing then speaking, I am not rushed into coming up with an answer, and that when I write I only answer to myself (self analyses without the outside noise). My writing will involve blog posting, short stories, novels, and in the future for magazines.

So what is your passion and what steps are you taking to making them come true?

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