We all have them, whether it be bland, extravagent, or in between, our personalities are what people see us as. This article about the Dallas Mavericks speaks loudly of which personalities people remember. The Dallas Mavericks are the best team in the NBA this year and win games with ease, people only know a couple of the players on the team and if that no one really strikes you as the person of the Dallas Mavericks (besides Mark Cuban).

Personality Around Us

Personality in business is mainly branding and marketing. It is how does your company stand out to your target market? Why will people remember you and buy the service you provide? Why would someone be attracted to one person than another?

It is all around us and we have to remember that our personality is truely the first impression that people see of us. I truely do believe that the Dallas Mavericks has a great shot at winning the title, but if they do it will be quickly forgotten because no one will strike you as a person that showed compassion, anger, and determination. The Mavericks play the game effortlessly and don’t have much emotion, I know that they are on a mission from getting beat the way they did last year in the NBA finals. But I will also show more agression for re-living images like this:

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