Quote of the Week #3- Motivation to Do

“Work is passive without you. It can’t do anything. Work is only an idea before a person does it. But the moment a person does it, the impact of the work on the world becomes a reflection of that idea-the idea behind the work-as well as the person doing it. In the process, the work you do becomes you. And you become the force that breathes life into the idea behind the work. You become the creator of the impact on the world of the work you do.”

-Excerpt from, The E Myth Revised, by Michael E. Gerber

This is one of many passages of The E Myth Revised that stuck out at me and really challenged me as an entrepreneur. Everything starts with the idea at hand and it is truely up to the entrepreneur to interpret that idea to the people that are going to be doing the taskful work. At times while at work I feel drained and bored of routine task. Once I am done with a particular task I go back and see what else that needs to be done and I am told by my boss to add this and that and just keeps on going on and on with the same shit. I am a big picture kind of guy and feel that if I knew what the whole project is all about then I can get things done quicker.

Whenever people think about work it is a negative feeling. Most of the time people are not doing work that motivates them and are ready to leave once the workday is over. What I get at my workplace and from talking to friends is that everyone is challenged the same way. I believe this just leads to disaster because the employer doesn’t know the strength of the employee and won’t ever really push the employee in the right direction of using their strengths in order to complete the job with passion and enthusiasm.

There are many things we as humans like and don’t like to do. Most of the time it seems that we are doing things that we don’t like to do. However, when we do things that we do like we feel great and love the lives that we are living. I am going to stop complaining about the boring work that I do and challenge myself at work to use my strengths as much as possible. I will also continue to do things that I like to do away from work and help motivate people to have alittle more fun than they do.

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