Quote of the Week #3




“The Irvine Company would be the safe road, and a prosperous one, the route I’d followed my entire life before the honeymoon. Yes, I could do that job. And I’m sure that, after a few months, I’d be comfortable again with the routine, the images and discussions from around the world becoming fainter and fainter until they were a fuzzy-edged story or a photo album stacked away. But was it my passion? Would I want it to fill the lines of my obituary? Would I want it to fill the lobes of my brain?


I knew the answer as soon as I read the e-mail from Larry. I couldn’t go back to the corporate world. Not now. My world was the world. To revert would go against every impulse I’d worked to heighten. I new the answer, yet still I flirted with the idea, twisting instincts and true feelings in the process. The comments from Kurt made me put an end to it. And I woke with a smile. I didn’t know what I would do, but I was beginning to know me.

Kurt and I had shared a lifetime of experiences on the honeymoon-five continents, two years, countless breathtaking vistas and inspiring locals, road prophets and fumbled loves, a handful of speeding tickets and a couple cases of food poisoning. I woke contented because I knew there’d be many lifetimes more. Maybe we would start a business together. His travel journalism suggestion didn’t seem like such a bad idea. The job side would sort itself out. Just like the trip. If there was anything I’d learned from Kurt during the journey, it was that. I’d talk to him during the day.”

When I read passages like this it really reveals what is truly important in life. It is that feeling of accomplishment, fulfillment, excitement, and wonder. That is what I think so much of whenever I am daydreaming and doing when I am not at my day job. This passage is from a book I just finished called, Honeymoon with My Brother. The thing that I am most afraid of is living a settling easy going life without taking chances and seeing where it goes. I would rather live a short life of total abandonment from daily routine then a long life of mundane repetitive actions.


One thing that I plan to take from this book as I live my life is to do more traveling. Traveling not only to other parts of the world, but to places I haven’t been to in my current town or where ever that might be interesting. One thing about traveling besides the beautiful scenery and the different personalities of people in that region do to culture, history, and their life story and that is what I truly want to explore.

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