Ramblings of the Week of 8/20/06

What a week, the ups and downs of getting things done in the business to attending useless meetings. It never ends, however there has been tons of things learned that will help me for now on when situations arise.


I have come to realize that meetings can be effective or not depending on the topic and structure. I believed I had a total of 3 meetings this week outside of work and all of them were a waste. The first one I already knew what it was about and what to expect. I got some more insight of what this particular business was doing, but still I constantly was wondering in the presentation why all of these people dressed up in suits all the time, why were they taking notes when they have been to tons of these weekly meetings with the same message, and why did the new people always have to sit in the front of the damn room. I also feel asleep a couple of times and was simply ready to get on with my night. Total time of meeting = 2 hours. I know I could have been doing something more productive, whether it be finishing up a book or doing something pertaining to the business, hell I could have played video games and would have been perfectly fine with that.

meeting #2

This particular meeting was one that I was invited to by a sub-partner in one of the ventures that I am doing. My best friend and I went because he told us that it was very good and that we will benefit from it. I was nearly going to sleep until I heard that the meeting was going to last 2.5 hours. Once I heard that I nearly went crazy. It was one of those interactive meetings where the speaker could have been really anybody because all he was doing was throwing questions out to people and not answering them at all. I am not saying that the guy didn’t know what he was doing, but it really didn’t seem like he did much. Everyone in the room were asking these questions that pertained to communicating with people and how to deal with them. Alot of what they were asking I knew of a way to solve their problems, but it didn’t matter because the people were so close minded they would think that I was out of my mind. The meeting got better once my friend and I started asking questions that related to what we were doing. Other than that the sub-partner should have informed us with more information of the meeting and we should have asked him the details and how long the meeting was going to last. Meeting #2 = sorta of a waste of time.

Meeting #3

This meeting was with the web designer. This meeting could really have lasted for 5 mins, but it went to an hour. But it was done and now things are getting done.

So what?

Alot of meetings suck. Not all, but a good amount. They are good and bad at work because one they waste time from actually work, but are very boring and nothing ever really comes out of them. These meetings that I had this week have taught me to only go when I want to, ask about as much information as possible before deciding to go, especially about how long it is going to last, and write an agenda so that the meeting can go smoothly and quickly so no one’s time is wasted.

So what else did I learn?

I need to find meetings that will benefit me as an entrepreneur and meet like minded people that are going through the same situations that I am facing. Also, my best friend and I really have a thing for seeing other people’s problems and knowing how to solve them in a keepin it real fashion. The next step for us is to build up our public speaking skills and start talking in front of people and to give people a message that they will start implementing. So stay tuned for this, it will be exciting.

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