Reading is good and bad

My reading addiction

We can’t get any where without learning from others, reading is one form of that. Reading can be an addiction that can hurt just like any other addiction. I have no clue how many books, blogs, magazines, or whatever I have read since I have gotten out of school, but it is really crazy. Most of the books that I have read are non fiction, which isn’t the problem just a realization that I have noticed. I am not the fastest reader, but can really get into a book by the first couple of pages. As I sit here now I feel a void after finishing my last book. I am always trying to grab something to read, but now that simply has to stop.

Lol, School has actually taught me something useful

To tell you the truth I have learned quite a bit from school. None of the things I learned really dealt with the curriculum, just mainly about myself and life. But reading has really taken over and I need a balance. I really never knew how important reading was until I started to read things that interest me. The first actual genre was automobiles, I couldn’t get enough and once I was done reading all that I could I started messing around with cars and became more involved.

The bad of reading too damn much

Reading can cause a person to keep to themselves and not interact with the outside world. Reading can be more effective if the reading is interactive, meaning that the material that one reads is talked about and discussed with other people. This will help you learn something about the material and the other person(s) perspective.

Key quote from a book that I will remember forever

After reading The Art of the Start I read a quote that really got me thinking. I have been thinking about this same thing that I had to do something different and it just was right there in plain text.

“Books are good enough in their own way, but they are a mighty bloodless substitute for living.”

– Robert Louis Stevenson

With that I am going to change up my way of reading, living life, and focus on other things. I am looking forward to the new look on life.

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