Self Projects- Everyone Needs Them

I have been giving myself projects to do for the longest now. It breaks up the mundane and brings excitement to oneself. As everyone knows, I’ve been on this photography kick for the whole year. I change it up from time to time but now I’m getting to a special place of being more direct and understanding what I want out of my photography. These past couple of weeks I’ve been challenged by my fiance to do more and to have a plan of action. They have been hard challenges and I thank her for them.

In the next couple of weeks I will present the third installment of this challenge and would like to see what everyone thinks.

I especially like the direction the photography is going for me. I like that I’m not focused on gear as much now and giving myself challenges to do in order to get better and to spike my creativity.

I advise everyone to have projects. It doesn’t matter what it is, everyone needs something to do. I assure you that life will be fun and bring back some excitement.

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