So, What Did I Accomplish and Learn About Myself in 2009?

This year has been great and I learned so much about myself and what I can do if I set few goals and saw what happened. These are some of the highlights of my year.

  1. No internet for 2 weeks.
  2. Read a book in a day.
  3. Did a crazy cardio challenge for a whole week.
  4. Multiple times walking 29 flight of stairs (twice with 10lb ankle weights on each leg).
  5. Went to California and enjoyed myself immensely.
  6. Figured out my other passion: Photography!
  7. Read 5 books in a month.
  8. Did task/goals on my someday list.
  9. Set my countdown to leave Corporate America.
  10. I learn how to write better; also, my grammar improved so damn much.
  11. Start a novel.
  12. Wrote over 300,000 words.
  13. Take a trip for the sole purpose of seeing how fucked up a city truly is (Detroit).
  14. A 900-plus-mile road trip from Detroit to New York.
  15. Saw how a small business is striving during a shitty economy.
  16. Wrote for a full month in my novel (nearly 30k words of dedication).
  17. Bought a house.
  18. Proposed to my girlfriend!!!!! (She said yes).
  19. Finished writing my first novel. (Wrote over 108k words! It is a pile of shit right now, but I’m the shit for completing this crazy challenge).
  20. Wrote every single day of the year and will never stop doing so…

I also figured out many things about myself.

  1. I’m an impatient person.
  2. I work best with less goals.
  3. I think way too fucken much and wish I can turn it off.
  4. I go into loops of thought and don’t know how to stop thinking about what I don’t want to think about. (This one is weird, will explain once I figure out how to get out of my head).
  5. I am an extreme type of person. My fiancée notice this when I was doing my crazy challenges.
  6. I truly found myself. This is an on-going experience, but writing everyday gave me a chance to question everything about myself. In the beginning of the year, I wrote for 2 straight months of thoughts that were in my head. I was surprised by the information that was effecting the way I lived. I strongly recommend people to write for a couple of minutes a couple of days a week to have a clearer vision of what they want to do or struggling with.
  7. I like walking. It is great exercise and very therapeutic. Besides laughing at all of the fat people running on the trail I frequently walk, I’m still amazed how better it is on my joints and how the weight disappears. Since I’m so much in my head, the walking helps me to not think (well, as little as possible) and gives me the opportunity to calm my thought, provoking ass down.

Next Year: Don’t know, we’ll just have to see…

2 responses to “So, What Did I Accomplish and Learn About Myself in 2009?”

  1. You definitely had a good year. But the REAL question is: can you top it? Chew on that tough gristle of a contemplation for a few. Congrats, man.

  2. I haven’t given it much thought, but it will be hard to do. I’m ready for the challenge. I’m curious to see what I learn when it is all said and done. I think I might just go ahead and list the things I want to get accomplish and see how many things I check off my list.

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