Software I Use and Admire: Macjournal

The best program I use on a daily basis and something I feel most of everybody can benefit from is a program called macjournal (pc people, they also have the same program conveniently named winjournal).

Why This?

This software has saved me more than anything, gotten me organized when I was everywhere, if I wanted more privacy I can easily lock a journal with a password, can put any type of document in an entry, can record my thoughts are export them through itunes, upload blog post to my blog with no problems whatsoever. If Mariners Software needed a spoke person for this product I would quickly jump at that opportunity. It really is just that good.

The main reason why this program and not a paper journal or tons of files of text files is because everything is in one place. I can also organize it the way I want and my thoughts and ideas can be analyzed easily and quickly. If there is anything that I want to start than all I have to do is make a new journal or entry.

My Favorite Functions

Like I stated earlier, some of my favorite functions of macjournal are the ease to organize my files, full screen mode, can put mostly any files on the system. I didn’t realize how big organization was to me until I got this software. I had plenty of paper everywhere on my computer and was hard to get my mind on what was important and what it actually was. So just putting everything in my computer has helped me to stay focused and find out what is important to me. The full screen mode is the ultimate distraction killer, coupled with cutting off the internet. I can focus on one thing at a time, which I have a problem doing often. The writing is what gives me fuel for the day and keeps me centered, this is the main reason why I feel that can get so many activities done because of the concentration I have. The putting-anything-in-macjournal allows me to not worry about where everything is because mostly everything can be placed anywhere in the software. Besides my novel, music, and photographs, I have a dump station for everything else (I can even put my novel and photographs in this system if wanted to). I like the fact that I can put a pdf to read in one spot and also comment about it on the very same journal entry.

Why I Love Macjournal

The reason why I love macjournal so much is because it is extremely simple. No real bells and whistles involved, just something where I can put a couple of words and thoughts into and can have an experience where I can utilize all of the ways a journal can help someone: writing, speaking, video and so on. The other reason why is because it is more than a journal, it is where I organize other ideas that I’m dealing with or want to focus on. The system allows me to be as creative as I want. That is the thing that I didn’t think was possible with any program and that is what keeps me smiling every single time I use it or tell people about it.

You just never know which products will help you out in life. Most of them are pieces of shit or time wasters. There are a couple that are cool, but don’t add much value and would actually get more done if that very thing wasn’t even used. Then there are some that we simply can’t live without because it makes our lives better. I think I will be extremely lost and didn’t know where I was going because things would be out of control. Being organized in the things that matter helps me to see what I have to do and start being organize in those areas, too. This is what I crave the most and happy with my choice.

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