The Art of Business: Constant Trial and Error and Action is the Only Way to Do It Gracefully

I have been on a tear lately. I don’t know how to explain it, but it feels good. I have been really sticking myself out there with this business stuff. I have had my ups and downs, but the whole experience has been healthy.

What I’m learning about myself?

I’m learning that I have some character issues that I’m confronting head on. I take things personally when they aren’t or haven’t gone my way. When somebody doesn’t respond back to my emails I feel like shit and when somebody is trying to take advantage of me I sputter and let them do so. That simply can’t work if I want to do this full-time.

What I’m saying is that you learn more from actually doing than just talking about doing it. That was what happened with my first venture a couple of years ago. I could read all of the books and listen to the podcast about business and feel that I know the ends and out of how to run a successful business, but that isn’t going to work at all if you haven’t put yourself out there to see if what it is that you want or you think you want from a business venture or anything for that matter.

The next post will be about the lessons I’ve learned in detail.

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