The Countdown Begins…

I’ve set this date a couple of months ago. I told yall that I will let yall know why this date is so important. I have been an engineer for 4 plus years. It isn’t my passion, it does pay the bills, and is interesting from time to time. But, in order for me to establish myself as a writer, photographer, and businessman, I have to spend more time doing so. I can’t only write for an hour a day and hope to get a ton accomplish (although, so far, I’ve written 85 pages of my novel, 13 essays, and regularly in this blog).

So, starting today, if you want to call it a count-down, which it is, I have 365 days until I call my passions, the thing on the side, a full-time thing.

I’m not simply going to work and try to save up money, that will only stretch me gumby-thin. That will result in me going back to full-time work in no time. So, I plan to start generating more money, apart from my day job, by doing something with photography. I will find all the things possible I can do in regards to photography. It could be stock photos, weddings, car events, magazine submission, and whatever else I don’t know yet.

Starting my Passion Business

I will also be starting my business. Like I’ve said a couple of times already, it has been some time since I’ve done a business, but now is the time that I do something towards my passion. I’ve told a couple of people the idea and they have said it sounds logical, but I need to continue to iron it out and see what is next. I will be using the business book, Young Guns, that I just finished, to help me along the way of getting it started and sustaining. I’m really excited with the business idea and seeing where it will go. I’ll reveal it once I have a solid ground on it, which should take 3 months.

This Doesn’t Make Sense, But I’m Doing it Anyway…

This month will also mark the debut of me writing a non-fiction book. This doesn’t make any fuckin sense whatsoever, but I feel I have to do it. I’ll explain why in the book itself. This book will be released the same time as my fiction book. Again, many people don’t do this, but I have my reasons, which will also be discussed in the book. I’ve read a couple of memoirs and will be doing a book review of one in particular in the weeks to come, but I think I’m ready with the idea of writing non-fiction along side fiction.

Will the Blog Suffer?

I’ve been writing 3 times per week. This will go down to 2 times per week. I’ll see, I’ll just have to play it by ear, but in order for me to achieve my goals and dreams, I have to spend more times toward my writing, photography, and business. I’ll judge it by the way I feel.

The 2nd Quarter Review

I’ve written it months ago. I just need to post it. It will go into more detail of my goals for this quarter.

I’m I crazy?

Let me know what you think. I’ll listen to your thoughts and words, I might even change the way I do things, but for the most part I will do what I feel that is natural to me. This is really something that I can’t even put a finger on how difficult it is. I do have the extra 15 minutes during the day (increased time to write for at least an hour a day), and will do tons more writing on my extra day off (Monday’s). However, this is a big however, I don’t want to burn myself out. I will do just the right amount to allow me to be sane.

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