The cube with the window view

I still haven’t got the phenomenon of the window view. Yeah it is usually a nice view and it is something to look at. But still it doesn’t matter, all of the people out there are doing something other than what you are doing. It makes me think alot about the outside and not so much about the view.

There is something else about the window view that people feel that it gives and it is respect and seniority. There are people that will get mad because someone younger or not as much experience gets the window view. To me personally it doesn’t matter. You tend to forget what is outside after being in an office 8-10 hrs a day. I really wonder though how many people have looked outside during the day and wondered what it would be like to be out there doing what they love?

Oh well, if you ask them at work they would probaly lie, but if you asked them in a casual setting they would probaly tell you the world.

Who really cares, most of the people won’t do shit about it and at times will seem like talking to a dead horse.

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