The Direction of This Blog…

When I started this blog my intent was to write about the entrepreneurial things I was doing while working my day job. However, quite a bit of my topics have been more about situations in life than entrepreneurship. There are a couple of reasons because of that. One reason is that I like expressing my opinions about life’s experiences and the other reason is because I simply don’t have any profit generating business. The topics that I do talk about entrepreneurship are failed experience and complaining about other people.

What is Entrepreneurship?

Here is a definition from Wikipedia:

Entrepreneurship is the practice of starting new organizations, particularly new businesses generally in response to identified opportunities. Entrepreneurship is often a difficult undertaking, as a majority of new businesses fail. Entrepreneurial activities are substantially different depending on the type of organization that is being started. Entrepreneurship ranges in scale from solo projects (even involving the entrepreneur only part-time) to major undertakings creating many job opportunities.

What I think entrepreneurship is:

A way of life that a person chooses to live that involves creating businesses and projects to better the world. The degree of the way of life is ultimately up to the entrepreneur, meaning that his/her businesses can simply consume them or the person can be involved in the project management of the company. Also, entrepreneurship gives the person a greater opportunity to take full advantage of life’s experiences.

What the Hell are you going to blog about?

This blog will be about my life’s experience while I do my entrepreneurship ventures. The life’s experience can be reading a book, traveling, even working my day job, or etc and how it relates to experiences with my business ventures. I will of course write about my business ventures explaining the struggles, victories, and things changed that made a dramatic improvement in traffic and profit.


2 responses to “The Direction of This Blog…”

  1. I like what you have to say. I have a similar vision to you when it comes to making something big of your life. I am constantly thinking of entrepreneurial ideas and looking for like-minded others to help make it happen. Keep writing good stuff.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I’ll keep up the writing. It is cool to bounce ideas off of each other. We will keep in touch.

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