The Eventual Future…

The Future Becomes Clearer, As Each Day Passes By

It is the end of May and so far this year is going well for me. However, as I keep thinking of the future and what it may bring, I think of the next step for my life. I mentioned it briefly in the last post, but now as each day passes the future becomes more and more clearer. I’m not so much worried about my assignments of my 9-5, I’m not worried about when my book is going to ever get finish, I’m not worried about what others are thinking of me, I’m just focused on living for.

I read this book a couple of years ago that has seeped into my memory recently. It was something my brother and I were going to do around this time. We both read this book and were looking forward to the new stories and memories we were going to make. We took the first step into moving in with each other. We went out, here and there, and then, I found the love of my life, and all of those expectations went underneath the rug and to never resurface again. If any one wants to read it it is called, Honeymoon with My Brother.

What’s the Future?

This goal will take a year or so. I am going to travel around the world or in a RV around America with my girlfriend. Yep, leave everything behind and see what is out there in the world. Many trips that I have been a part of while studying aboard have been, with a large group or either by myself two years ago to Japan. It should be fun, exciting, scary, and of course interesting. But, for now, I have to have money to save for the trip, which I don’t know how much we will need, and to pay off all of my debt. I owe in the range of $30k and still rent for $900 dollars per month.

As I see television shows, movies, talk to friends who are abroad or who have recently traveled out of the country, the idea of getting lost gets more planted in my heart and something I truly want to do.

I want to do this before I have kids, I want to do this in hopes to see the world, and write about it as we go through it, and I want to do this with somebody I deeply care about. I don’t care where we start from, I don’t care where we end up, I just want to get lost for longer than 2 weeks.

The Game Plan

So, as I continue to work and figure out how much I can pay down my debt and rent and whatever else I have to pay for, I am also going to think of other ways to make money. I have a couple of books I bought last year that explains how I can go about writing for magazines and other publications (I will read those this coming month). I need to look more into finding freelance writing gigs on craigslist, and other places in the coming month. I will also get more involved in a business idea I thought about late April. I will start to get rid of shit around my apartment, and to minimize what I spend my left-over money on. I will also put a small amount of money in savings each month. I’m going to start living the minimalist lifestyle and do activities that create fun for me and are reasonable.

I will continue to write in this blog, I will still write my essays, novel, and short stories, I will take pictures wherever and whenever, read anything, and love life and see what is out there for a maturing man.

Cheers, to the future…

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  1. Great blog! I love that you’re committed both to the blog and your own writing. I’m really trying to balance the two in my own life and it’s often difficult!

  2. Thanks for reading this post!

    Balance is hard, and when it is mastered something else comes your way. I try and at times become worn out and have to take breaks from time to time.

    What are your ways of balancing writing in your blog and your own writing?

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