The experience of lifting 295 lbs…

I didn’t think I would reach this accomplishment this quickly, but it did happen this past friday. I looked at the bar and said to damn I really am about to bench press this amount of weight. So here it is in on words of how I felt before, during, and afterwards.

The last exercise of the evening and I was feeling pump. I ran through my military press, deadlifts, and took a much needed break after the 20 squats of 265 lbs. I was exhausted and knew that it was time to get underneath the iron for a couple of bench presses. I am in no means a body builder and don’t even look like I could lift that amount of weight, but I can and it gives me a rush to continue to lift twice a week.

I start off slow. I put on 245 and lift it 5 times with no problems. Then 265 and the same outcome. Then 275 and feelin the burn. I am pumped, scared, and ready to lift my new limit 5 times. I get a glass of water, think about what I am about to do and relax. Yes I am stalling, but you would be to if you were going to lift 295 5 times. My friend was spotting me if I needed it and cheering me on. The thing that really got me going was that when he said that I lifted 285 the bar was flexing in a frown expression. That very imagination helped me to realize that I was really putting my body into some shock and got my mind right on the very fact that I can really do this and that I was lifting 95 lbs over my body weight.

It was time to put the weight on the bar. I plate went on each side, another 45 lb plate went on, and then a 35. I was getting anxious, getting thrilled that I was going to end my workout on a high note and sleep well, I mean like a new born baby yapping and crying all day. I looked at the bar again and said damn it is time. My muscles were tight some and my mind very clear of what I was going to do. I was imaging that I have already lifted this amount of weight. I put on my gloves, positioned the bench to make sure it was even with respect to the bar. I rolled the weight forward and placed my body on the back of the bench and I paused…put one hand on the bar…took it off…took a couple of deep breaths, tighten up all my muscles, hold in my stomach, and get ready. I am telling you it is crazy how calm I was before the lift and how that quickly changed when the bar was in the air under my power. My whole face was also tight as I lifted the crazy amount of weight and was that way as I slowly lowered it down to my chest and then with force, steadiness, concentration, and pure will to not let the weight stay planted on my chest and look like a dumbass in front of my friend and him secretly telling others that I dropped nearly 300lbs on my chest. I was almost done lifting 1, 2, 3, and then 4 but that fourth one was crazy fuckin heavy and knew that that would be my limit for now and do another one in a minute or 2 to finish off the 5 that I said that I was going for. The amount felt heaver as it went on and I was really thinking of stopping after 3, but that voice of my friend and the will to live my dreams was pushing me and the excitement that I felt afterwards got me up and ready to exercise some more and do some other things that other people would envy or would only image of doing.

All I can do is chill, image, and be thankful that I getting things handled in my life. All I got to do now is get the other things right and I will be on top of the world…

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