The Journey Has to Be Just as Important as The Destination

I realized this the past couple of weeks where I didn’t plan any goals and specific task also while I was finishing up a great book called, The Alchemist. There are a couple of ideas and concerns that were floating in my head about things that I have started and not finished and also about things I want to start and haven’t got the urge to do so. I have also realized that I need to start asking the question why and not what when it comes to passions that I like or think that I might like due to outside involvement.

The past 3 weeks I have been keeping a personal journal of myself and writing about where I am at in my life right now and why I can’t finish when I start a “so-called” passion. The whole process was mind blowing and really helped me understand my mind and actions as they are. It has been some time now since I did a personality test, but I thought the results were dead on. The idea of me being a good initiator got me thinking of all of the projects, business ideas, and passion and hobbies that I have started and not finished. I started asking questions about myself of if I really wanted to do those things or they just sound good to my ears and to other people?

Then I read this quote that summed up pursuing goals, mission, and passions that weren’t really goals, mission, and passions:

Source: The Alchemist

“And what went wrong when other alchemist tried to make gold and were unable to do so?”

“They were looking only fo gold,” his companion answered. “They were seeking the treasure of their Personal Legend, without wanting actually to live out the Personal Legend.”

I stopped and totally started thinking seriously about activities, the perfect career or business, and hobbies that I enjoyed and that brought a smile to my face. I then asked the question why. Why do I like that, why do I want to do this, why was I taking repeated actions that got me no where in the long run?

I came to the conclusion that whatever I was chasing was nothing or that I didn’t structure it to my strengths or to other attributes that I love. There are many things that we as human beings like to do and that there are a couple of things that we do really well at, but we are wasting our time, our life with senseless shit that we don’t ultimately care about.

So the journey is just as important then the destination. I have come to realize that this is so true because the majority of the time this is what we will be doing. For instance, if I wanted to be the baddest basketball player in the world with all of the fame, homes, automobiles, and women or gorgeous wife (ie. the gold) then I will have to workout, practices, practices, practices, play better people, listen to coaches and friends about your weaknesses and improving them accordingly, and whatever else that is done on a regular basis (ie. the 80%) then all of those things have a greater chance of happening.

If we live up to the true meaning of being a person than we cannot fail at whatever we want. Also, because we enjoy life and wouldn’t want to waste time doing bullshit crap that we feel that we have to do. So if anyone gets anything from this post it should be to find and do something you love that you are going to do 99% of the time and only get that gratification and fame 1% of the time.

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