The Journey, Not The Destination – is Everything.

The journey. Is everything.

I’m in the process of picking my business venture. I’ve talked to my mentor about it and he suggested that I right down each of the pros and cons of each idea. I’m doing that now and it is going well. I think I’ve already know which one I’m moving strongly to, but I’ll let the experiment play it’s course. With the three choices, the thing that is driving my decision more than anything is the journey. The journey of the actual business venture, not the destination.

In business, the main destination factor is the money, the profit. Some other destinations that are as important are: fame, helping people with the profit made and of course helping solve the client’s needs. Those are end goals, you see. It’s the carrot that we reach for all the time. It is the measurement of our own defined success.

But, what if we knew, with logic and confidence, that we were going to have all of those destination items checked off—how would that make us feel? Where could we go from there? Well, I think the answer is simple. We would figure out how to enjoy the moments leading up to the destination even more.

Everything that I do now, I look at the process. I look at the various steps that are needed in order to accomplish the goal. Most of the time, the end product doesn’t matter. It’s all about how I feel during the journey. The reason why the journey is the most important thing to me in the life of the idea, business and anything else that I do, is because that is what’s done the most.
Just like in my various hobbies, I enjoyed the process. With coffee, it’s about the process of selecting and grinding the beans, preparing my hot water, making sure I warm my half and half, getting ready to time the brew time and mix in the coffee and water together. See, the drinking of the coffee is more secondary and truly is the cherry on top of the cake. But the whole cake is the journey to get there. I’ve done this analyses with pizza making, with writing, with being in the moment with my wife and even in mediating.

If the journey, of the goal, isn’t the thing that I enjoy, then it isn’t worth doing. It’s that simple.

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