The Rest Stop

This past weekend I went to San Antonio for a friend’s going away party, whom is going to Austrilia. From Houston to San Antonio it is a 3 hr drive driving normally. It is kind of ironic that me being the car guy that I am don’t really do far trips. I think the longest trip that I have been on was a 5-6 hr drive to Laredo. I really don’t like stopping, unless it is for gas, but I am back on the road with no real rest in between. I thrill for the adventure of the open road and just can’t wait to get back to driving at a nice fast speed while checking out the scenery no matter how flat or mundane it is.

But this time I just had to stop. I had very little sleep the night before and was busy during the morning running errands and playing with my nephew. I was dozing off like there was no tomorrow and felt like it was even easier to fall asleep than being in a boring ass class or at work sometimes. So I caved in and stopped, stopped at a rest stop. Hell I almost missed the detour because I was dozing off. I told myself a couple of mins will be enough, but I kept on snoozing and finally I just took the a total of 30 mins of nap time. I locked my doors, put my jacket over my head to block the sun away, and spread my legs on the passenger side and felt like a new person. I could have easily drove for another 5-6 hours after taking that nap, but it just got me thinking. Thinking about how simple it is to just stop, stop everything that we are doing, and just chill (I use this term way too much in my daily life, but it really just means do something other than what you are normally doing). I could have been on the side of the road smashed if I didn’t take  a nap that lasted 30 mins.

These couple of weeks I have been in my head like no other and it is really driving me crazy. At times I really do envy and admire people who just live with no real consequences and planning. This is not a knock on the way a person lives their life, but it is different and people operate differently to life in general, there isn’t one “right” way to live. The beauty of sleeping is that you really don’t think of what you are going to do next, you either dream or just get the rest you need. For now on I am going to “chill” in ways that I haven’t tried before, old ways that I enjoyed but stopped doing, and in ways that have helped shaped my life now. I have to keep on telling myself that “a little bit” is required of me everyday. As long as I do something to better myself and others than I am on my way to completing my goals and just living in general.

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