The Trip to the East Coast: Detroit to New York…Solo Road Trip…All I Want to do is Get Lost…

I have been thinking about this for some time. Everything made sense, when I sat down and decided what I wanted to do for a 4-5 day stretch. I could chill in Houston and be totally rested, travel to California that I have done so many times, I could visit friends who I haven’t talked to in awhile, or I could get lost.

My girlfriend nudged me to go on a trip with her friend’s husband. I didn’t want to do that. This trip was more than a look-good-on-the-beach away from my girlfriend type of vacation. She is going on her own trip, and I wanted to do something for myself.

It took me a couple of days to think about it. I was still not sure if I could do it. The start destination was set, but the end wasn’t. I questioned myself so many times, I was like, “Do I really want to do this? Why do I want to waste money right now? What will I learn about myself? The distance is too too far.”, everything went through my head and of course, like any reasonable adult I almost pulled the plug.

The last time I got lost was nearly 2 years ago. I decided to go to Japan on my own for 2 weeks. Once I bought the plane ticket, things started to happen. It was quite magical the way events happened. I bought the first ticket and still have to buy the return flight ticket, still apprehensive on going.

This trip will be from July 16-July 21, it is a road trip to the East Coast: starting in Detroit (because it is fucked up) and ending in Albany, New York. It is a solo trip that I am scared as shit about, thrilled, and don’t know what I will learn, but I’m ready.

I want to drive an eco box or something flashy through the streets of Detroit. I want to see the destruction that is present there, I want to take pictures, hope to interview different people, and write about it. Yes, probably one of the stupidest reasons to go to another city, but hey, I’m doing it.

I want to drive through Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. This trip will not be rushed, I will take my time getting through these states and the cities I travel through, and hope to interview, get lost, and as much as possible – have fun!

When I get to New York I will drive around as much as possible. I will find a way to park the car and walk/run through Central Park, eat and do as the locals do. I want to get the supposedly rude attitude and perceived kindness of the people and see for myself what New York is all about.

Any sane person would just end their trip in New York City, but if one is in the hood of a friend, than that person would do anything to meet that person. Internet, email, and telephone can only do so much. So, I’m visiting a good friend, Adam McFarland, and his business partners, in Albany, New York. I think I will try to stay a day or 2.

I will have to do some more planning on finalizing the durations in the places I travel to. However, I want to give myself enough time to soak up the goodness and misfortune of whatever I encounter.

I wonder how I will feel right after this trip. I wonder if I will learn as much as I think I should. I wonder if this is a waste of time. I only hope and dream that it isn’t, but who knows. I am not going to find out until afterward.

For the days to come I will explain what I’m taking along, the tentative route, the shitty car that I decide to get, and what reading material, if any, I’m to read. This is going to be a bad ass trip. I can’t wait to get going.

3 responses to “The Trip to the East Coast: Detroit to New York…Solo Road Trip…All I Want to do is Get Lost…”

  1. This trip will be from July 16-July 21, it is a road trip to the East Coast: starting in Detroit (because it is fucked up) Lmaaaaooooo! You might want to be careful in the D Oaks. It’s hot over there they shootin at school kids. Check the news. I hope you have fun but you’re going to be exhausted bro.

  2. Adam,

    I can’t wait, either!


    The trip is getting scarier, as the days get closer. I hope I will be ready when it is time to get off the plane in Detroit.

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