The Weekends Are Special!!!


Saturday is a day of rest and to do other things other than think about work. I spent 5 days doing that very thing and usually spend my weekends recharging and resting. But, getting up this past weekend was very similar to getting up during the past work-week. However, this time I did get up a couple of hours later, but still felt the resistance to rise. But I eventually did, took a shower, made some coffee (a great treat, because I don’t drink it during the week), and sat and pondered about the day to come. My girlfriend was finally ready and was quite grumpy too (she is not a morning person): she complained about my inconsiderate language, the way my feet pointed out, and my jerkiness and constant increase and decrease of speed. But once we stopped, stopped at the reason we got up early, signed in, put on our aprons, placed our borrowed hammers on the side, we were ready for the day.

I wish I could have seen the family who was going to be living in this house we were helping. But, for the most part it didn’t matter, no one had a bitter face as they would probably have had anytime during cube week. Everyone were helping each other and at times got to know each other when activities were at a stop. Also, we helped put up all corners of a place someone would call home to in a couple of weeks, that was only a slab of concrete at the beginning of the day was really remarkable. It was really worth it to get up early, for a change.

Went to sleep around around 12, no alarm clock, got up around 10:30, had some coffee, watched a little tv, and finally took a shower. Before that I was able to eat breakfast and pet the dog who hates me! Looked through the window, said out loud, “It’s a beautiful day”. Got dress, went to see a friend, drove around some, then to a park to look up at the sky and went back home. I wouldn’t have changed the day for nothing. As simple as it sounds, it was also something I needed. Not so much to prepare me for the week coming, but to enjoy the simple things in life and to take each day slowly.

Both days were different, but it seems like I got something out of them. I always look forward to my weekend and only wish I had a work-week that is a weekend long and a weekend that is a week long. Could you image all the time and almost endless possibility of what can be achieved?

One thing I am noticing though, is everything can’t be done in a couple of days of relaxation and solitude. Some friends have to be put on the next week pile, going to a couple of places will have to get done another time, a meeting or a task have to be done sometime during the week, or a time of resting has to be done on the other day of rest. It is not possible to do everything, I guess that is why the weekends are so special and so right for the body and mind.

I know throughout Monday I will be thinking of the past couple of days and will slowly get myself focus on the task to follow. I guess that is what my life is like for now, it will change though, it has to…

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