Things I am Up to Lately…

Life is going great for me. Don’t have much of anything to complain about and just enjoying my journey through life. I thought about this while in the shower and wanted to get it out there before I headed to bed.

In no particular order:

1. Books- I am currently reading 2 books, well really one now it really grabbed my attention after 3 pages and want to get it done before next week is finish. The book is called, The Alchemist, Will Smith talked about it on Tavis Smiley show awhile back ago and him being someone I admire and sharing the same birthday I had to run out and get it. I’ll do a book review after I am done.

2. Too short to publish- I started my short story series and was going great for 3 straight weeks. I have taken about 2 weeks off and was suppose to write something in it yesterday but didn’t and will finish it up in the next week or afterwards. I think it is funny, but I will post it up on my other website once I update that site also. I am going for the end of this month. Oh yeah it is about a dog… trust me you have no idea.

3. Buying like crazy- I have been buying alot of crap lately. I have bought a good catalog book for writers, a flip video- just to bullshit around and see what kind of project I come up with I will also use it as a vlog from time to time, final cut express 4- that isn’t currently working but hopefully will tomorrow, I plan to use this to edit my little movies and again to just teach myself new things, new ipod adapter for new car, and I am pretty sure some other things that I am forgetting.

4. A new car- I have had my new car (new to me) for 2 weeks and it is going great. I am in the process of writing about all of what went down in my other passion/business blog and will let yall know when that is done. I didn’t think I was going to buy a car so quickly, but that is how things happen sometimes.

5. New gig- will discuss this once it happens and why I am doing so.

6. Freelance is calling my name- I have been thinking about this for the longest and am getting good advice from people online and the best way to break into the market so I plan to atleast start part-time and then full-time later this year. This will also help me to do other things that I want to do.

7. Planner is going…- I really just sat down this past sunday and wrote out things for the week. It has been a great learning process and am really going to stick with it. There are a couple of things that I need to flatten out, but so far I have gotten so many things done I am really proud of myself. I will discuss this in a follow up post that I made late last month about planner usage.

8. To help or not to help- I have told a couple of people that I am going to help them get their blogs going. One friend that I feel that has a knack of sports, particularly basketball. Another close friend that has been talking about forever starting his blog about comics. Just recently my girlfriend who wants to do one for her law practice. I have noticed a couple of things about this very situation which is that the other person has to want it more than the helper. It really is that simple, why should the helper be the one doing everything for that person who is ultimately going to be doing the work? So I have put myself out their for 2 of them I will for one last attempt give them that push, but that will be it. I won’t bring it up at all and just forget that I ever said anything at all. For the last person it seems that they want to do the work and just need some guidance on putting it all together. Also, the other difference between this person and the other 2 is that she has actually in the past had another blog about another topic that she was and still is passionate about. Anyways I do believe it is good to help people who want to be help, but don’t be the person that does the work for the other person.

9. To much tv- Well sort of it seems that way and I am going to notice it and spend my time doing something else. If I had a choice to blame something, which I don’t it would be the NBA finals. The games are okay, but there is plenty of drama that goes on off and on the court. I am a sucker for ESPN and the TNT crew.

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