This is What I’ve Decided

I told myself that I was going to reread the previous post. I still am. Perhaps later today or tomorrow.

Some people close to me said I was raw as hell, but the majority of folks said that I shouldn’t stop blogging. Actually, after a couple of hours publishing the blog post I found new direction from my best friend. My fiancee chimed and said that I confused her words (I apologize, baby). But ya, I’m going to keep going forward.

You Never Know…

Who is reading your words. I had an impactful comment last night. I showed my fiancee. It was so helpful that I think I am going to continue with the updates of what is going on in my photography land and what I’m doing and learning.

However, the transformation that I’m really excited about is reviving the picture with the words series. As I told people I still manage to write everyday. It is still calming, but the past couple of months have been rough. I couldn’t think of anything creative about what it was that I wanted to write about. But going back to picking one of my photographs and writing about whatever comes to my mind will be gratifying. I’m looking forward to that and will start the photo/words series next month.

The Layout Has Already Changed

Actually, if you are reading my blog in a browser, I’ve already changed a couple of things to make for a cleaner viewing and reading experience. I went old school and went with a free wordpress template and inserted one of my photographs at the top. I also made everything white to allow the words and photographs to stand out. I have to admit that the shitty template that I was using before was bulky and not as much wiggle room as I liked in a blog. I also got rid of the contact and about me page. When it came down to it all I was getting was spam mail from people wanting to rank me as number one in google. I don’t care about that. It has always been about the writing. So, if anyone wants to know who I am they can read my post.

So, with some updates about my photography career, writing stories about my photographs, that is where I am at with lifeiswhatyoumakeofit.

What About the Photography Website?

For the past month or two I have been changing my ways on the way I want my photography to be portrayed. So, I bought a photo template and have been updating my website at I am taking my time on this because my vision is clearer and have a better idea of what people truly want is a simple layout that showcase my photographs. I’m extremely proud of myself for getting to the level that I’m at and will continue to build from there. The reason why I brought up the photo website is because that is where I will be writing about my photography experience with clients and various projects I’m working on. I know that I can do everything here at the blog, but I wanted to have some separation between the two. I will let everyone know when the website goes live with all of the initial content.

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