This Weekend: A “Night and Day” Experience

Photo By: klearchos

During this time of the year there are constant changes of weather. From winter to spring and at times a glimpse of summer, also a period of perpetual transformation that brings 30 degree weather for a day or for a couple of hours, to sunshine and a cool wind breeze for the week, to a thunderstorm that will last the entire weekend. This past weekend, I heard the weather forecast from everyone: a rainy-wet-stay-at-home weekend. I didn’t know what to expect and thought it would be good times to relax for a change, read a book (which I have been doing quite a bit this month), watch a movie or two, have some good lovin, and to really be a bum.

So, I got my chance to do nothing. I enjoyed every bit of it. I had a couple of opportunities to get out of the apartment, but didn’t, because I wanted to do something I haven’t allowed myself to do for some time.

However, on Sunday, it was a totally different day. The light pierced through the openings of the window blinds before I even opened my eyes to begin the day. The apartment was clean and had a different look, because the night before my girlfriend and I rearranged the furniture. Throughout my day, I was able to pickup a painting and chat with my uncle, go to the movies (Sin Nombre), watched some of NBA playoffs, and ate a much-needed-meal.

It was a ‘Night and Day’ experience. Two days that were dictated by the weather that presented different merriments were possible. However, what I did on Sunday could have been performed on Saturday, or what I did on Saturday could have been done on Sunday. The point I am making is we do things when they are convenient for us: we read a book when we want to get away from reality; we write when we are inspired; we watch television when we want to catch up with the world or to view that favorite show; we take up hobbies, because we see others enjoying themselves; and we simply do, because we are motivated to do.

This coming week I have a couple of activities lined up. I will explain them later in another post, but I want to know what are the things you want and will probably do this week? What is the motivation behind them and does any of them deal with your passions, let me know through comments or email?

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