This Year…

So far 2007 is interesting. It can easily be a repeat of last year and me resorting to my old ways, but guess what, I won’t. I have learned so much already this year this past week I can truely say that this is going to be a breakout year for me. I will be doing more traveling, reading, meeting new people, and trying new things.

First Challenge of the Year

The trying new things is harder than I thought, but am figuring out some stuff about myself that is truely remarkable. The first thing I am trying is not drinking for a month. I only drink on the weekends, but when I do I usually drink quite a bit and spend a good amount of money. I did this specific activity for a couple of reasons. They are:

1. To not rely on alcohol to have a good time.

2. Find other activities to do that I am interested in or might find enjoyable.

3. Get absolutely ripped working out and not worrying about gaining calories due to drinking.

The first week of this challenge I have noticed that I rely on alcohol to have a good time. If I am not drinking I am depressed and feel that is the only way for me to enjoy myself around my friends. Also, I have noticed that my friends respect my stand on not drinking and know that I will get through it, however, there are some that don’t want to hang around me because that is the way we would spend our time with each other.

Entrepreneur Journey Report

This year for my entrepreneurial life has been going great. I have realized a couple of things already that I know that will help me grow as an entrepreneur and a person of responsibility. Firstly, things/task/projects don’t get done overnight and in the mind. I have this thing where I think of an idea, then talk to people about it, and then shut it out. I have learned that it is best to just start writing down ways to make the idea a real business, write a business model and plan, and then take various steps to completing the goals. In addition, patience keeps the mind sane. I always thought that if I have a particular goal that I want to complete I can get it done quickly. I have noticed that life doesn’t revolve around me and that I can’t do everything on my own. I have to do my part and also respect partners and others to get their task done and the need of balance of work and play. The compatibility of partners is very important in starting and running a business. It is fine for people to knock heads, but it is more important for people to have different business characteristics also. This will in a sense let everyone do task or activities to their strengths and passion without being told what to do.


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