This Year’s Challenge is Difficult

This challenge/goal this year is going to be rather difficult. I knew what I was getting myself into, but didn’t truly know what I was getting myself into. See, the reason why I say that is because this is something that doesn’t have a clear-cut path of accomplishing.

Business is some hard shit, just like becoming the writer. The thing that made becoming a writer more focus-driven and planned out was that all I had to was to write. Once I started writing (which I’m still doing this year) everything became aligned and I started to figure out what I needed to do in order to get better.

Becoming the businessman is something that needs to be thought out and it is more about my character than what I’m selling. I have the product already: my skills as a photographer–but I’m lacking in the areas of selling my idea to other people. It is something that will be a battle but once I continue to put myself in those atmosphere and push myself to get better, I will see my potential growing.

This First Month of Business

I’m so anxious to get the website finished, which will be done in a couple of days weeks. But, there are some very important characteristics I need to work on that will sell myself even more, they are: to read material on selling and practice the craft; go out and meet people who will want to hire me for my skills as a photographer (this will be an on-going thing); take photos that are not in my apartment, this one is huge because most of the photos that I have taken have been there and this shows that I’m lazy and not diversifying my portfolio for the clientele I’m seeking; and continue to stay hungry and not get discourage of what is upon me.

The Challenge Through my Head

Again, hard as shit and something that is going to push myself to a place I haven’t ever been. I’m a lazy person and is natural for me to do things on my own and not worry about stepping out and finding work for myself. Writing is different because all I had to do was write and if I felt that I needed to get better at something, then I would ask around or seek out those areas of shittiness and get better.

I have to realize that this will take time and something that isn’t going to happen over night. As long as I start, take the steps that need to be taken, I will be fine. I have to trust in this way of doing things because it worked great for me last year.

I think the thing I’m anxious about is making that first buck. That is something that I’m craving more than anything. Just the thought of selling myself to somebody on the notion of my skills and expertise and them giving me a dollar for it is something that is fucken amazing. Besides, this will also get me one step closer to doing more of this on my own and leaving my corporate gig.

2 responses to “This Year’s Challenge is Difficult”

  1. Oke –

    You’re a great photographer. I know that when you apply yourself this year you’ll be able to hit your goals. I know that “anxious feeling” about making your first buck. It happens to me every time we launch a new website. Then once you get the first one, you wonder if you were just lucky or if it will actually happen again. It’s natural to be nervous. But eventually if you do a good job and keep working at it things come together. More than anything else, I’ve found running a business is about persistence.

    Good luck!


  2. Adam,

    Thanks for your inspirational words and insight. I’m ready for that ‘first buck’, I’m ready to show others what I can do, and I’m ready to sell myself to others. This is going to be a great year.

    I don’t know if it will be worth putting added pressure on myself, but I think that is one way that I get my ass moving. You will see in the next post.

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