What Did You Learn About the Super Bowl?

My head is spinnin and I don’t get the reason why I care so much about something that ultimately doesn’t effect me at all. It doesn’t eliminate the job that I currently have, what I plan to do tomorrow or for the rest of the week, or how I plan to live my life. But there are so many lessons that can be learned from the Super Bowl.

Forget the commercials (they were better last year) and look at what happened during the game and afterwards. A team with an okay record beat the team that wasn’t suppose to lose a game for the whole season and was suppose to be the greatest team ever in the NFL. But no it didn’t happen that way and that is why myself and many others are not going to be happy tomorrow. Lessons learned from this very game is that even though we hope and dream of things to happen it will never happen unless we go out there and get it. It really is that simple, you could see it that one team wanted it just a little more.

The other lesson shouldn’t surprise you but it might piss you off. We care way too much about things that shouldn’t effect the way we live our lives. We live, eat, breath sports and other forms of entertainment. We wear our emotions on our sleeves with someone talks bad about our team, our team doesn’t win that big game, or whatever reason. I love sports as the next person, but it hit me a year ago that sports shouldn’t be the reason why I am alive, it shouldn’t be the reason why I get out of bed, and whatever else sports may make me do. I can totally understand the athelets having these type of emotions and passion because they are the ones who play the sports, they are the ones who sacrifice their bodies to get in the best shape possible and put their lives on the line for the love and money of the game.

So when you go to sleep to night, don’t think that your life is so much better or worse because your team won or lose, but think about every single player that played their hearts out for something that they believe in. Take that lesson about the game and apply it in your life. What is the Super Bowl that you are thinking about, what are you doing to make that be a reality? Unlike most sports you don’t have to rely on others to pick up their slack for the team to complete the goal, you are the one that determines whether you complete your dream.

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