What Have I Learned from Failure?

Failure comes in all sizes and never seems to stop regardless where you turn. I can honestly say that I am a failure and business is hard as shit. That is why so many people in the world resort to their day jobs and live their lives accordingly. I am not knocking those people, everyone has a different purpose in life, everyone is trying to survive one way or another. But the fact still stands, business is hard as shit. Nothing is given to you and everyone is watching your every move to see where you mess up and then beat you at your own game. Everytime I think of all the mistakes I have made it makes me cringe and want to run far away from anything dealing with business. Business is like life, hell everything compares to life, working out, going to school, being in a relationship. There are always ups and downs, however, all you hear is the successes. Damn I wish people will just keep it real about business as they do with life.

So What Now?

Now that I have vented and stressed my early failures trying to start and run a business here is what I am going to do.

1) Write my Life’s Mission statement

2) Read more regular books

3) Meet new people

4) Work on projects that I have been putting on hold

5) Enjoy life

That is it and I feel blessed because of all of the failures that I have experienced and realize that being a success overnight in business rarely happens and that hard work, dedication, and an idea that benefits others is the way.

What did I learn from failure?

Failure is always going to happen. Getting up and doing the same thing over and over again will only get you back down to the floor again. But realizing why you failed, what you can do differently, and doing that different thing, then falling on your ass again that is how you will become the success you want to be.

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