What is the Chance of this?

Never really know what might happen if you lived in a different area or took a different route in your life. Some people will say that they would be the same person and others have no clue. In reality no one really knows, but a concept of being in a different environment from the start of your life gets you thinking of the possibilities. I don’t know if I would have been a person that is a Christian, entrepreneur, civil engineer, love playing basketball, car addict, playing video games, and reading books.

Is it really that important?

Thinking about how you would have been if you were in a different environment doesn’t matter at all. A person can even say that it is a waste of time, but there is a lesson that can be learned here. The lesson is that going to different places and exposing yourself to events and people out of your comfort zone can give you understanding and realization of if you really admire the activity, group of people, or place. So instead of thinking about it just try it out. That is one of my goals I want to do for the coming year. So the motto of next year is “Just Try It Out”.

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