what really drives business

Today was an usual monday, nothing spectacular. But still a learning lesson nontheless. After lunch at work we discussed examples of how we can improve our job. It was interesting because there were so many topics thrown out. Most of the people generating the questions were management people. Most of the “workers” were sitting back listening. Didn’t really have anything to say. But that is besides the point. It seemed like all of the topic questions were related to each other, but one thing that was said during the meeting that was mention that stuck with me. Which was marketing and that was truely it, marketing was what all of the things related to. It was kind of funny and also crazy because all of the books I have been reading lately talked about the subject matter at hand. And the great bit of what was said was about doing things for free, going to extra mile for the client in order to get the job done. I can see that the younger people didn’t really care about that. In other words, there was nothing they were going to get back from the situation except going out into the community and being the companies spokesman. I feel wholeheartly of what the company is trying to do and trying to give more back to the client, because in affect that will lead to more projects and then more profit and so on.

But there is something that is equally important. What is the company going to give back to the employees? Just can’t say the employee should be gracious for an opportunity like this. See it really comes down to what the employee is getting back in return and how the employee is treated. If you shower the employee with encouragement, incentives, and tools to complete their jobs. They will have no problem going to extra distance. Well that is one’s man thoughts, but I am sticking to it.

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