What The Hell is CCC and Why Am I Doing It?

Have you ever done something that you have no idea why you are doing it, but kept on doing so anyway?What did you learn from the experience, was it worth it? I have come to realize I am the extreme person who will try anything. I don’t care how hard it is, I just want to try it.

I have been on this workout craze for 2 weeks now and this is going to be the last week before I insert my full-body workout back into my regimen and cut down on the cardio. I don’t have a real reason why I have been working out like crazy for the past couple of weeks. It could be because just for the hell of it or to be ripped all over, which I am very close to being already. There really isn’t a real reason why I do crazy things for no reason at all, but I feel it challenges my body, mind, and whatever the else I learn from the whole experience.


While I was listening to some up-tempo music writing in my journal the other day I decided I was going to go all out in my workout this week. I was going to do more than the 2 weeks combine to get myself looking the way I want. So I thought of the Crazy Cardio Challenge. Yep, I am going to do yet another crazy exreme experiment just for the hell of it. I don’t like weighing myself, so I will take a picture after I am done. I will also do some video footage of this experiment and probably some audio. I am going to be accountable for everything I do, so I will also use twitter to document my progress.

The Crazy Cardio Challenge (CCC) will be working out monday thru friday. CCC will consist of morning stair walk at work (30 flights of stairs), afternoon bike ride (30 minutes session), a couple of days of abdominal-workout, and if I am not too tired an afternoon run a couple of times during the work week. Damn, I am crazy and I don’t know what I will accomplish besides a very nice looking body. I will see after the challenge is over and again I hope people learn something from this.

Activities to Come

After this challenge I will have another cool experiment I will do before I get into the way I determined my passion and purpose and how I am taking steps to making it a reality. I will also interview other people to see what they have done in order to find what their calling in life and whatever else I think of in the future. I have also gotten a couple of people interested in what I am doing for myself and will continue to help them do something towards their passion at least a couple of minutes everyday. Nonetheless, I am very excited about the next challenge and also this one I start today.

So until then if yall have any ideas or challenges yall want me to try, then go ahead and shoot them my way.

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  1. This could be very interesting but I think instead of you just talking about your current activities and interests you need to also put your camera to use and show us what you are doing. You could then put the pics and or videos in the actual blog post and in the flikr section. Remember a picture says 1000 words. If you had a pic of you showing us the staircase you run at work or you sweating it up running them imagine the interest that would generate to read more of your articles. It makes it more real and interesting. Just my thoughts bro but keep it up and keep the cam on you. If you shoot it they will come.

  2. Keep on coming back. I’ve already thought about that. I’m actually working on editing the videos with all of the activities I’ve done for this challenge.

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