When Something Doesn’t Work Out Try to Make the Best Out of It

Quotes from the Weekend

“Put everything into your dreams & goals”

“Have a plan in action”

“The magic of thinking big”

“Talk is cheap”

“Change the way you think of yourself”

“Unleash Brain Power”

“God is #1. Believe, trust, and live the life He wants you to live.”

“Foundation of Success is failure”

These are quotes that I gathered from this weekend in Dallas, Tx. I went to Dallas because a friend told me that this conference will help me out in my current business ventures. The emotions that I had throughout the weekend are:

1. Confused

2. Energetic

3. Trapped and Crowded

4. Insightful

5. Selfish

6. Exhausting

7. Cult Like Atmosphere

The MLM with Some Great Points in Running a Successful Business (trust me, I am not joining)

Which MLM what is it?

Quixtar partner with BWW:

Quixtar is a multi level marketing company that makes money by having an online store, membership fees, and quarterly conferences around the nation and the world. BWW really stands for Britt World Wide, which provides educational and motivational material through books and cd’s for the members. In you want to know more information about MLM just go here.
Who is involved?

At this particular conference there was atleast 10,000 people and was really amazing. There were people from all walks of life, however, the biggest group there were Asian Indian/Arab people. The ages were from 17 and up. Their occupations ranged from Ph. D professiors, engineers, doctors, school teachers, high school dropouts, and everybody in between.

Business Model

I don’t know all the terms of the business, but everyone strides to become a diamond(the highest status or position). The diamond has tons of people under them and these people have people under them and so on. However, a lower ranking person can make more money then the higher level person by getting more people, but still the higher ranking person will be benefiting from that person’s hard work. I think this is the only way they say that it isn’t a pyramid scheme. Each member has to also buy monthly products from Quixtar and they have motivational books and cd’s each month through BWW. The aim for the whole business is to get people to be on your team so that everyone can grow as an individual, overcome their fears, complete their personal goals, and become rich. The part of helping each other out in life is the best part of the “business”, that is not seen in much businesses today and that is what I believe what really keeps people hooked in Quixtar and of course the potential residual income a person can make.

Proven System

Quixtar and BWW has a particular system for each IBO (Independent Business Owner) to follow. I forgot the name of it, but every single member knows it and swears by it. The reason why the system is proven is because the diamonds or other high ranking people (a few levels below diamond) have used the same system and were able to make a good residual income speaks loudly for the system.

Not All will Make It

Like any business not all of the people will make a living on Quixtar. Quixtar does a great job of showing lifestyle videos of diamond members which gives new people and current members hope that it is truely possible to make money through this system. I am not saying that you need to know what to expect when you run a business, but most of the members have no clue about business and are simply trusting a system that does most of the thinking for them. Besides most of the people go into the business with the only intent of making alot of money and start to treat their potential clients as numbers and not team members.


1. When talking to potential members Quixtar people really don’t care what you are doing in your life and stress that you join their group. This has to be the most annoying thing of all, I told these people repeated times that I came with the intent of learning from their business model and structure and applying some of the techniques to my current business ventures. They kept on telling me that it is good that I want to join them and wanted to tell me more about the business.

2. Cult atmosphere on crack. These people were absolutely crazy about their business and people that were diamonds that represented their home region. When the diamonds came to the stage to speak people would literally run up to the front and yall for their beloved heros. However, they were “fired up” about entrepreneurship and not liking their corporate jobs. While I was listening to the speakers there were a couple of the people I came with that kept on trying to tell me the ends and outs of the business and the ranking system. These people would not stop until I made it home sunday night.

All People are Welcome and Show it in so Many Ways

Quixtar and BWW make a great effort in making sure all people are welcome to the business. When I was present at the conference I saw all races and religions. It was truely amazing because everyone was getting along and interacting with each other. No one was fighting, however, they did make fun of regular (poor people-anyone that wasn’t apart of their organization), which was kind of funny.

Sunday was another event within itself because of the different Church services going on at the same time. There was a Christian, Buddist, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and other religion services.

So what now?

I am so glad to be home and have started to think about what I truly want out of life and how I can apply what I learned from the weekend to my business. I am going to do all that I can not to go to another meeting/conference that relates to a MLM organization. I really felt that I wasted my time, but still made the best out of the trip. That is what I will do in all things that I like and dislike. If it is something that I think/know I won’t enjoy I will still try to get something out of the lesson.

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