When Your Back is Against the Wall the Best Always Comes Out…Why is That?


Me: “Yes”!

Did I really understand? Nope not really. I have been working on this particular part of a project all day and going back and forth to my boss to get help. I was really clueless and I believed she knew that also. I then told her that I will have something for her the next day she came in. Deep down inside I was sweating and didn’t want to disappoint myself and my boss. So I did the next best thing and went home (lol, I laugh about this now).

I used the excuse that I work better not constantly working on the same project, that I had a headache, but more importantly my shift was finished and didn’t want to spend an extra amount of time in the office. During the time being home and the next day of work I really did think about how I was going to finish the work correctly.

The next day at work I went with the idea of “if I don’t know just ask as many people I think might know” approach. It would you know it worked like a charm. I got the work done and presented it to my boss and she went ahead and directed me to the next task. Honestly, I didn’t totally finish the job correctly, my graph just looked like what she was looking for, but during that day I finished it up the right way and understood what was going on with the project as a whole.

It amazes me when I see other people and myself are pushed against the wall and we find some way to complete the task or goal in sight. I have also realized that I am way too lazy and feel it is only of importance when I feel that it just has to get done. So however long I last at my current job and my next I will start to finish things fast, correctly, and very presentable. But with my side gigs, book writing, blog writing, and freelance work I will do them with what I just said and with pride. Because work will be work, well in my case that is what it is to me, but something that I truly care I will do it like it was the last thing I ever do on earth-with pride and thankfulness that I have been given a chance to do what I like to do.

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