Which Goal is The Most Important This Month?

Of all the goals this month that I plan to finish the most important one is an eye opener one. Yes having my life missions and vision done is important, but that shouldn’t be written in stone because life throws you a curve ball and you have to decide which direction you want to go in. Some of my goals are for fun and to push my creativeness for instance to write 10 post in a month. I don’t think I have ever done that much and would be cool to see what I come up with for topics.

Others are just been lingering for too much time, like reading 2 books that I am half done with that I didn’t quite finish last year. They are good books, but with the move, going back to the office, and me just being not so much in the reading mode things like that fall by the side. And also to decrease clutter is a task that I have been doing since the beginning of the year which is actually coming together really well. But the goal that just won’t leave my mind and that I think about constantly is my passion. I have wrote about my passion before, I like other people have many passions, but there is always that one that is your baby and what drives you to wake up everyday which puts a smile on your face. Yes work is important, but it isn’t my life and I want my passion to be what I get paid from. This is by far what I think is one of life’s greatest gift, to get paid for something you truly love to do. Oh course travel and meeting different people and so on is another great gift, but not alot of people get fulfillment for what they do majority of the time during the week.

So what if you don’t complete this goal?

If I don’t complete this goal in particular then that is it. I will go on with something else that I feel driven to do. I will totally be disappointed because I thought this and didn’t do that for something I “thought” I loved. It is another way of me being honest with myself with action. It really is that simple and I will report back about all of my goals and how many of them I have completed and what not. The goal that I am talking about is goal #4:

10 blog post for www.ihavecarproblems.com

You can go to the website now. It is live, but kind of dead. I was on a roll with writing on a consistent basis, but as you can see have not for some time. I have all these great things in stored for the website, but that shit doesn’t even matter if I don’t write. As much as I like writing, it is really that simple. If I don’t write, then nothing will have a chance of really happening. Yes I have some topics in my head and I know I need to come up with a strategy and topic generating system, but that will come with time. I had some great people do the redesign for me and am very happy with the work done and now I just have to give the website life through my words. We will see where this goes and am very happy that I have given myself this challenge. It is greater than anything that I have done in some time and I plan to do my best to complete what I set for myself.

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