Why a Mac?

It has been a couple of weeks since I have paid off my mac book pro and feel like it is time for me to write about why I decided to get an apple computer.

Why a Mac book?

I didn’t treat my laptop to the best of it’s ability, but got tired of it crashing with Windows Vista, performing very slowly, and the constant download of materials that I either used for a short period of time or never really used. I also used my laptop more like a desktop being always plugged into my external hard drive, dvd burner, and an extra monitor coupled with a mouse and keyboard. I even had to mail the laptop in because the wireless card wasn’t working and turned out that the motherboard was defective. That was it for me for that particular laptop and thought about what would be the next best thing I could get for what I wanted to spend for a computer. I then saw my friend’s Apple Mac Book and quickly thought that he spent way too much money for a laptop or a computer in general and only got the laptop to be cool. But after he showed me what it could do and the ease of just navigating through various programs I was sold.

What did I do next?

I was still on the fence with the price of the mac. Yes it is a very well designed computer and has a cool factor behind it, but spending over $1k for a laptop sounded crazy to me. I continued to do more research and thought about getting a used one, but said that this machine will solve all of my computer problems and the piece of mind that all my needs will be taken care of. I even went a step further and went with the Mac Book Pro because of the 200 gig hard drive and 2 extra inches of size. I also got a couple more programs and features that honestly I probably won’t use, but if I wanted to were at my disposal. So when it was all said and done I paid a total of $2,400 bucks and felt the price instantly, really who spends over 2k for a laptop? Another reason why I decided to get the mac book was with the ease of using itunes and my ipod. When I first got my first ipod in January of last year it was literally attached to me and was part of my things that I had to have with me when I left the house (cell phone, wallet, and car keys).

First impressions and what do I think of it now…

I was really surprised how smart the laptop really was. I placed it on my disk and starting typing and playing around with it and felt at home using it. The keyboard is in the perfect position for your hands and fully use the laptop as a laptop should be used. There has been a couple of times where I have put a drop of water on the mouse pad and I wasn’t able to scroll because of the wet spot. The computer will find so many ways to save energy it at times can become annoying, but don’t bother with if always plugging the laptop in to supply power. One of my favorite features of the laptop is the Wi-Fi connection capabilities that it has. The laptop remembers where you go and all of your passwords so you don’t have to worry about inputting that information everytime you are at that particular place. The Wi-Fi connection will also find you the best connection that is with better range and most of the time with unlocked securities.

Thus far it is the best purchase that I have made all year and I am not stressed out at all with the comfort that the mac book pro gives me. I truly see why people will choice a mac over a pc any day and why you don’t feel as bad when you pay for a computer that can be 2-5 times as much as something that will be as adequate.

Features, features, and more features…

Like any computer there will be applications that you don’t use at, but with the mac I can see myself using most of the features and applications because of the coolness factor and the practicality of what I plan to use the laptop for. I have used programs such as iphoto to upload photos on the computer and onto my ipod, messed around with garage band trying to make podcast, ichat talking with fellow mac friends, taken photos with my girlfriend by using the photo booth that has a built in camera, watched a couple of movies that looks amazing with my glossy screen, and downloaded other applications from the internet which works great with the mac. And that is me barely scratching the surface with using the programs to the best of there ability.

Everyday I learn something new either by accident or by asking people who fool around with macs and the computer just brings a smile to my face everytime I see it. You can also do cool things with finger commands on the mouse pad, either making an image larger, scrolling easily with two fingers and whatever else you can do that I haven’t figured out yet.

I can literally talk about the computer all day. My reason for writing this post is because I felt that if you are fed up with things you should just get rid of it or do something about it that will bring peace and happiness to yourself. This computer has gotten rid of all my previous headaches that I was having with the old pos that had and makes my computer experience worth while.

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