Why do THINGS die off?

Not the best title for what I am going to talk about but yall will get what is going on once it is all said and done. This particular topic has got me thinking quite a bit about the ups and downs of business, relationships, people continuing bad habits, the market research, and so on. Everything is really related to each other because they have there peaks and there lows, but they will eventually end(well not all of them, but a good number of them).

In the beginning every situation is so PERFECT

Every situation always starts well. For instance, in a relationship the male and the female can’t stop thinking about each other. They want to spend every waking moment with each other. The two people in the relationship are telling their friends that this person is so great and I can’t stop thinking of them. This person could be the one and yada yada yada.

Then there is the great “idea” that you see the vision and see where it can go, then you start to ask friends and family and they think it is a good idea also. Then you start to implement the idea and put it out there for the public to experience your passion.

Then shit hits the ceiling…

Each person in the relationship starts to not like a certain behavior of the other. Nothing really gets discussed about the odd behavior and more shit happens to piss each other off. Then the male is getting hell from his friends because they don’t hang out anymore and the woman gets mad at him because he is running off to spend time with his friends. Then they breakup and the saga continues.

Then there is the great “idea”. The problem with the great “idea” is that the person who thought of the idea didn’t even do any market analysis or simply talk to the people who are in his market and will be buying the product/service. Then the totally great “idea” is of nonexistent.

Like I said in the beginning this can be any situation that someone is going through each and everyday. It is always the same outcome: Greatest “Thing” in Life is just splendid, then shit goes horrible, and then the process is repeated. That really sucks because nothing is changing, nothing at all. Everyone has these hopes and dreams that it will be better this time around, but it isn’t. There is a better way to handle these situations in life and they are to really look at the problem, detect the same reoccurring bad habits, think of solutions that will fix the negative behavior, and then take another crack the parts of your life that need help.

How can dieing be turned into living?

So the reason why THINGS die off is because the status quo takes over our lives and we become comfortable with our present state and it is so much easier to stay there and to bitch and complain of things that are not going your way. Remember, there will always be problems, but there are so many ways to solve that problem and to improve yourself for the better.

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