“Why don’t you want to work? To get rich?”

I had a friend ask me this very question last week when I was telling her what I was doing at work and during my free time. I thought about it alittle and then quickly answered her. Before to what I told her I will let you know that I am a confident person in what I do and really just want a life that I am totally in control of. Well I told her that I just want a life of choices, of no regrets, and doing things that I am totally passionate about. She then proceeded to ask me if I was trying to get rich and I told her just enough money to live a comfortable life.

In all honesty I believe that is what most people in the world want. A life of choices, of no regrets, doing things that they are passionate about, and to be able to provide for their family. There are many things that we want so much; it can very from an accomplishment, materialistic item, status, or whatever. I try to put everything that I do into perspective and ask myself if the outcome is worth the journey? If not, then I will not do it.

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