Words Can Indeed Describe What I Feel Inside

When I woke up this morning I was thrilled and ready to start my day. Of course I was happy with the outcome of the election, but I really did feel different. I talked to my co-workers, said hello to people in the hall way, and went on with my day working as I did any other day. I felt that I could conquer the world and by my own terms alone. I believe that is what this election has done for me as an American. Ever since I was a little kid growing up my mom always told me to be the very best in whatever I want to do in life. “Be the best teacher, the best garbage man out there, my mom would say. I never took that for granted and continued to move through the world with self-motivation and the will to challenge myself.

Listening to Barack Obama’s speech late last night and waking up in the morning my attitude about choices changed. A black man(I know that he is half white and was raised by a white family) is the elected president of the United States of America. Even though I personally can never be president of this great nation, the election still gives me even more motivation to make and exceed my goals and be a better human being. I think of myself as a very ambitious person and will do what needs to get done on whatever I set myself to do, but knowing that it is possible for a black man to be elected to the highest honor accomplishment is fuckin amazing.

I was talking to a friend earlier via email about Barack Obama, we got to talking about what this means for the rest of the Black American population. I instantly thought that we as black people can’t depend on Barack to come to our rescue when we need something (the government can only do so much), but we have to take responsibility in our lives; we can’t bitch and complain about somebody not treating us right (racism will always be here regardless of who is in the white house), we have to ignore all of those negative criticism, learn from the constructive assessment, and make the best of what we got and continue to improve individually; and we as Americans can come together to laugh alittle, play, compete at work and whatever else, and grow as we make a strong effort to be a great nation.

While I was riding the bus home from work I decided to read a blog post, from Mark Cuban. He was writing about the election and what he believes what will happen because of it. As I read each word I became more aware of what I have been feeling the whole day. I begun to realize that there is nothing that will stop me in doing what I want in life and that I will continue to motivate myself and to give other people that encouragement and do whatever they want in their lives.

Here is alittle excerpt of how I feel to be an American:

“Its simple. Having an elected black President will do more to energize this country than any economic or social policy ever could. In a single day of voting, our amazing country once again reinvigorated the dream that any child in this country, no matter what circumstances they are born into, can grow up to be anything they want, including President of the United States.”

“I can honestly say that I never thought that I would see a black President in my lifetime. I’m incredibly proud and excited to be part of this moment in our history. I believe that the election of President Obama will energize many, many more of our fellow citizens to work harder to achieve our goals.

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