You never know when Reality hits you in the face…

This week

This week was a good week for a couple of reasons. First, monday was my birthday(however I made the mistake to start work at my new job on this day also, but didn’t do much). Secondly, I am getting paid for something that interest me (hydrology), I have come up with another realization, but will start a category topic next month. Ran 2 miles for 3 days and have picked up my time of where I now run a 8 minute instead of a 9 minute mile. And perhaps the biggest reality check is that I have to change the course of my current business venture.

Marketing is magical, but makes you look like a dumbass if your business isn’t ready for the “target market”

Last week my business partner and I came up with a couple of marketing strategies and implemented just “1” and our website got rocked pretty good. I would say 20-25 hits per minute, half hour, hour, or who knows for a 3-5 hour span. I didn’t know what to think of the instant exposure we were getting and was amazed at the little brainstorming we did, but it worked. The bad news no one at all, no one registered to become a member. It was laughable, but it was a huge eye opener. Also, we just don’t want people to register, we want people to post and give their opinions on work related issues.
The Verdict…

Instead of waiting later in the game of being a social network and then having a magazine tied in, we are going with a full fledge online and physical magazine. We are of course going to have our own twist on the whole magazine idea and we can still do all of the special features and benefits as we stated in our business plan for the social network. So do expect a total redesign of the website and our approach on the matter. The main reason for this change of direction is the pure enjoyment of this type of business model. It is not that our strengths wouldn’t shine in the social network model, it is that we were too involved in everything. The business became frustrating at times just to get the website to be functional and looking presentable. Furthermore, the idea fits a magazine better due to the type of impact we want to have in the Corporate America World.

Lessons learned

1) One lesson learned that is still ringing in my head is to qualify the people that do work for you. We have got ripped off big time with supposedly a website that turned into only a skin design. If it takes time to find the right person for the job the way you envision the look and feel of the idea then it is well worth it. 2) By all means go with a professional. The professional knows what they are doing and most of the time the prices are very reasonable, remember that, “The only good thing(money) it is good for is to make things happen”- Richard Branson. More importantly, this will free you up to do whatever else there is to grow your business and not stress over things that you are not good at. 3) Sometimes you have to fire yourself and you never really know where it will take you.

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