The Big Blog Post of The Month is Complete, but…

It is already done, it has been actually edited a couple of weeks now. I have given it out to a couple of people. The thing though is that it just isn’t safe for me to post right now. If I didn’t work where I work and if times weren’t tuff as they are now, I wouldn’t have a problem showing what I’ve done.

The thing that I’m talking about is my big blog post for this month.

It isn’t that I’m not proud of the writing, I feel excited that I was able to write what I wrote and to learn alittle more about who I am as an individual and in this case an engineer.

So, if anybody wants to even read it just send me a message using my contact page and I will send it your way. When all of the editing was all said and done it came out to 5 pages on a word document.

The New Look of the Blog and Why

It has been 3 or 4 months in the making and I’m glad that it is almost done. I have had this idea for some time because my blog looked outdated, buggy, and resented the fact that I it had so many issues after going back and forth with the previous designers.

The Reason for the Switch

I needed to spice it up some. I wanted to do something that didn’t cost me much money and would allow me to change things if I wanted to on the fly. I know the learning curve would be high, but the amount of time that I spent with getting the design right last year didn’t sit well with me.

There is no reason to mention the previous designers that I dealt with. All I’m going to say is that it was expensive as hell. For this blog redesign itself I spent more than $2,000 dollars and it took the designer and I to agree on the look, feel and functioning of the website 7 or so months. We exchanged upwards of 150 plus emails and at least 20 calls. I was on a mission to getting it done and nothing was going to stop me, not even my wallet.

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A Good Day at the Tea Shop…

The smell and taste of Matcha green tea filled my body. I didn’t know a table size of tea at the local tea house was a damn kettle size. I played it off by continuously drinking one cup after another.

There were many people in the tea house, most of them were hippie-like, eccentric young adults doing something on their macs. My night started well, I was making plenty of head-way with my photography website. I was able to make it have the look and feel of a simple design. I just have to spend a couple more hours with it to get it to the level that is presentable.

There were plenty of people coming and going, many talking about boyfriends or guys who acted weird. Some other ladies just talked about whatever, I wasn’t really paying attention to their conversation—it might have been too boring or I was in the flow of improving my website.

I had roughly an hour before I was going to get kicked out of the tea house and my laptop battery only had 9% or about 15 minutes left before I was force to drink all of the tea in the kettle. So I saw an extension cord near a young Asian woman, with her pretty mac that was nicely decorated with an array of colors that I couldn’t make out the design of. I asked her if I could plug in my cord (just thinking about that statement makes me laugh with the sexual innuendo). My cord wasn’t long enough so I had to move to the table right next to her (see, there it goes again).

Instantly, there was chatter.

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