Making This Year Challenge A Little More Interesting: An Ultimatum

I’ve made up my decision. Well, after talking to a good friend about it all. I am giving myself an ultimatum and it wasn’t something I thought about ever since talking to him a couple of days ago.

I Learned Something Last Year Reading One of My Favorite Writers

Most people wouldn’t consider Steve Martin much of a writer. I didn’t, until I read 3 of his books last year. The guy is just talented in all ways and I encourage people to give him a shot–as a writer–if you are not fond of his films. While I was reading his non-fiction work about becoming a comedian, the section that stuck out to me was, well actually there were a couple:

Practicing the passion– Steve worked his ass off without the much thought of making money from it. He did multiple stand-ups, changed his act, talk to many people, watched and copy, to an extent, his favorite comedians.

Money wasn’t an issue until he couldn’t pay for his lifestyle– Steve started to make some money from his comedic act, but nothing to sustain a life of partying, women, traveling around the country, and whatever else he wanted to do. He knew he had to do something about it.

He gave himself an ultimatum
– Steve was nearing the age of 30 and realized that his passion had to make him money or he had to do something else. He just wasn’t making enough money and had to be real with himself. I believe Steve gave himself 3 years or so to get paid.

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A Good Day at the Tea Shop…

The smell and taste of Matcha green tea filled my body. I didn’t know a table size of tea at the local tea house was a damn kettle size. I played it off by continuously drinking one cup after another.

There were many people in the tea house, most of them were hippie-like, eccentric young adults doing something on their macs. My night started well, I was making plenty of head-way with my photography website. I was able to make it have the look and feel of a simple design. I just have to spend a couple more hours with it to get it to the level that is presentable.

There were plenty of people coming and going, many talking about boyfriends or guys who acted weird. Some other ladies just talked about whatever, I wasn’t really paying attention to their conversation—it might have been too boring or I was in the flow of improving my website.

I had roughly an hour before I was going to get kicked out of the tea house and my laptop battery only had 9% or about 15 minutes left before I was force to drink all of the tea in the kettle. So I saw an extension cord near a young Asian woman, with her pretty mac that was nicely decorated with an array of colors that I couldn’t make out the design of. I asked her if I could plug in my cord (just thinking about that statement makes me laugh with the sexual innuendo). My cord wasn’t long enough so I had to move to the table right next to her (see, there it goes again).

Instantly, there was chatter.

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December: The Last Month of the Year

I actually wrote this post over a week ago. I need to be better about posting, I’ve gotten use to writing, saving and closing my computer to repeat the same task the next day. I now all I have been writing about lately is about my novel and how difficult it is and all. The next couple of post will be a change a pace–I’m not promising, though…

I’ve been busy lately. It is something I don’t want to explain right now, but life is moving and I’m also doing what I can with the amount of time I have for this year.

Last week felt tremendous, I was able to get rid of my weight set and felt energize because of doing so. I want to continue to get rid of stuff and declutter my apartment, which will in turn declutter my life.

Clueless on What to Write

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