Making my own rules in Business

Lately, I’ve been up and down with business. It’s been tough to get new clients. Especially folks who don’t know me and how some of my current clientele has died off. But truly, I’m okay with that. It’s best that I try to find people who are about my brand and don’t mind spending money on a great product. But something hit me last week and now I’m thinking of how to make that happen. The thing that hit me was making my own rules. Again. I’ve heard that many times, but something about my situation made it more real to me. The reason why is because there are so many different things out there many people are using to start and grow and sustain their business. From blogs, websites, facebook, instagram, hitting the pavement at business networking events, snapchat, linkedin, youtube and whatever else that is currently out there and what is their to come. It’s alot of shit and those things aren’t automatic to one’s success. But perhaps is is making your own rules of how you are going to get out there and make this business stuff work.

So that is what I’m going to do. I’m going to use what I want, how I want and get going from there. I can’t just do things the way other people are doing things because truthfully, I’ve tried that already. It’s a waste of time and frustrating and not true to who I am and the best part about making my own rules is that I can always change them. It’s up to me and that is a great feeling. I like that I am giving myself permission to do whatever the fuck I want.

2017: Self-Accountability.

It’s the only thing that matters.

Fuck Everybody else.

Let me explain:

Depending on others for your own well-being will get you spinning out of control. The time you are spinning out of control is only dependent on when the fuck decide to you wake up, look yourself in the mirror and follow your own path.

Looking for other people’s guidance and advice looks great on paper, but it only slows you down. What it also does is make you mad at the other person for your own decisions in life. And when you are accountable to yourself, you can only blame your self and praise yourself.

So. Don’t look for others advice. Research and make your own decisions. It will be hard at first, but you will start to build confidence in your ability to live your life on your own terms.

Your own terms.

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Failure. Why it’s so Important in Life.

I failed. Let’s just get that out of the way. I failed my board exam. An exam that I never wanted to take, but did so because of my family. Yeah. But as I was talking to Shannon and looking at the wonder of Ava’s eyes, I knew that this would get me to where I wanted to be alot faster than all of the things that I’ve done in the past.

But with all the dedicated studying, sacrifice, head games and determination, I failed. I failed by 7 problems. If I would have gotten 7 more problems right, I would not be writing this post. I would be a rockstar in the office and telling my stories to others how I fucked that big bad p.e. test. But no. I have been telling others how bad the test fucked me.

I’m a big believer that failure is your friend. We fail at many things each and everyday. Most of the time when we think we aren’t failing, we are failing. We are so so damn scared of it. Not me, though. I look forward to meeting my friend and talking things over with him. Even though he isn’t a nice guy. He is insanely honest. Doesn’t bring flowers to the meetings and at times is a dick. When it’s time to tell me how shitty I am he just gets down to his assholey-self of telling me how he beat me and points out all of my weaknesses. He doesn’t give me any praise for what I did right. He doesn’t give a shit. Not at all. His only job is to tell me that I suck and that he looks forward to beating the shit out of me the next time around.

He does allow me to ask questions. Which I appreciate. I sometimes have a laundry list of them. Most times I just take the smack down like a man and after failure has left me alone I go cry in a darkroom.

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