Starting over…

Don’t really know why I decided to write so soon but it is just on my mind. Starting over can mean alot of things, however it is good because the individual has realized some fault in him/her self and that it is only right to turn a new leaf on a particular part of their character that they feel that is flawed. I don’t think there is a need for me to say what it is, because it doesn’t really matter as long as the situation is fixed permanently until some other flaw arises.

So for now on I am going to say what I really feel and also respect people for their opions, but also put myself into their shoes. I will also suggest things when I think it because most of the time I believe that it can help someone out. This may seem like rambling, but it is really all thought out, it has been inside of me for awhile and today just showed that I am not changing and I am just still doing the same shit. So for now watch out, might surprise you of the person I will turn out.

The cube with the window view

I still haven’t got the phenomenon of the window view. Yeah it is usually a nice view and it is something to look at. But still it doesn’t matter, all of the people out there are doing something other than what you are doing. It makes me think alot about the outside and not so much about the view.

There is something else about the window view that people feel that it gives and it is respect and seniority. There are people that will get mad because someone younger or not as much experience gets the window view. To me personally it doesn’t matter. You tend to forget what is outside after being in an office 8-10 hrs a day. I really wonder though how many people have looked outside during the day and wondered what it would be like to be out there doing what they love?

Oh well, if you ask them at work they would probaly lie, but if you asked them in a casual setting they would probaly tell you the world.

Who really cares, most of the people won’t do shit about it and at times will seem like talking to a dead horse.

Don’t let life “malt” away…

It has been a good weekend for me. Hell most of my weekends are good. When I am not at work I tend to catch up with some friends, chill and relax, and be on the internet. There is more that goes on, but I think that my time is very productive. Today is the day that I want most of my days in the future to be like. I will explain what I did today in a later writing, but it really doesn’t matter now. I will live the life i really want to live. This weekend was also interesting because one of my friends was in town because he got a couple of job offers. So his girlfriend wanted to celebrate which was cool. It got me thinking about what people are really passionate about. My friend was explaining at his previous employer that he was not growing as an engineer in the direction he wanted to go. And really wanted something challenging and will keep his mind compelled. I was thinking the same about myself, but I already know what I really want out of life and each day I am coming into reality of that particular life style. It seems as young professionals start “their desired” career they want to be challenged and feel that they are contributing to the company. And older professionals are used to the swing of things and do their job and it seems like they don’t feel much of anything.

Well I just finished my malt and it was very good. Here is a history lesson for yall. Where does malt come from?