My Life is Shaping out Pretty Well…

Month in Review

This has a been a great month on really hammering out the goals that I set for myself. I am not finished with all of them but will be by the end of the month. There are a couple of things that I accomplish and feel a need to touch base about them.

1. Reading- I have finally finished all of the books that were on my list to read. Earlier in the year I bought a total of 6 books, they have came into my life different ways and am so gracious of that. I learned so much from them at times it is hard to put into words. Here is a link to that previous thread.

I believe reading can become addictive and can really teach a person about how someone else’s thinks, but it shouldn’t be a substitute for actually being out in the public doing what you like doing. I have also came to the realization that I ultimately want to be a writer/automotive reporter/expert and documentary person. In the beginning of the year I was really setting myself up to being a businessman and owning my own company. But so have times have changed, I think I was too focused in quitting my job because of all the negative things and not focusing on what I actually like to do for my life. Gladly to say Japan, reading books, talking to people, and observing has given me a great insight on the true meaning of my life purpose.

For the rest of the year I have 4 books to finish up and will finish them accordingly. I will set a modest goal to complete 2 books by November, but of course will over achieve to finish more.

2. Speaking- One of my other goals of the month was to attend a Toastmaster meeting and did so with surprise and a drive to take speaking serious. When I looked at the people in there I thought I was in the wrong spot. I quickly judged them by their appearance and they showed me that they really did care about speaking. Everyone had there own reasons for being about of the club, but they made that effort to do something to improve their lives in some way. Speaking can open up doors to alot of things, but ultimately it gives you that confidence to talk to anyone with your best self every single time. I don’t know where speaking will be apart of my life, but I will let time determine that.

3. Swimming- It is getting alot better. I am not scared of drowning…my breathing is become second nature…and actually fun. I don’t know how I will in another month, but I am ready for the challenges.

4. Working Out- I am in crazy shape right now and will show everyone the current Oke before the year ends. I will also post my workout routine, foods that I eat, and vitamins I take.

Next Month…

This is going to be a very important month. I will post my goals for later this week, but it is really going to be intense. I will be writing more frequent post on this blog, write frequent post for my passion/business blog, and make the final changes to my personal website. All 3 will get an overhaul ready for the new year. Trust me when I say that I will surprise myself with what I am thinking and what everyone will see from me.

Video of the Day

-It was a musical thing, you were suppose to sing or to dance while the music was playing.

Alan Watts

I have been listening to Alan Watts thinking for the past week and love his approach on life and how it is suppose to be lived. Here is a short video of what his teachings are about.

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